18 thoughts on “No Parking!”

    • The good thing is that the green car will still be able to drive away after this. I see those cars all the time around here. Doors missing, no hood, 3 wheels… and a happy driver inside.

  1. The sign in the first picture has nothing to do with the following series of photos with Niva and TIR truck in action. So it’s only your brain that connects the two above into some story. In other words: FAKE (altough consists of the true pictures).

  2. Anyone care to identify the truck? I’ve seen them for years in various situations here in Finland (such as warehouses, highways, border crossings)and I’ve always wondered what that truck could be, a Russian copy of Peterbilt/Kenworth?

    Anyway a nice article! 🙂

    • It’s not a copy. The truck was probably imported from US as there is quite a number of an old American trucks on the Russian roads. The truck in the photo is 90’s International 9800.

    • Me too! A ’64 Rambler 3-on-the-tree stick shift. Inline flathead 6 cylinder, easiest to maintain car ever. Queer engineering though, used the vacuum system from the downdraft carb to power the windshield wipers, every time I shifted they’d pause until the vacuum built back up.I blew the engine finally so junked it- a real collectible now.

      • Yes, the wipers would pause when I shifted gears which really suxed when it was raining sideways and it was always raining sideways in the Azores.

        But I loved that car.

        I wanted to have it shipped home when we changed duty stations but my husband at the time said no because it had so much rust.

        We bought it for a dollar and sold it 2 years later for$500.00 to an AF Couple just before we left, back in 1983.

        • After I trashed my Rambler. a buddy co-signed a loan for me, picked up a ’64 Grand Prix- gawd I loved that muscle car. Enjoyed it for about 2 months, got my draft classification as 1-A; back in the day you had about 2 weeks to make up your mind which branch you were gonna join or Uncle Sam would decide for you so had to get rid of her. Didn’t feature me sloggin’ through a rice paddy with an M-16 at the ready, so Went Navy. Nobody told me they were over there too! Jeesh, all those night raids we went on up North- I was ready to steal the Captains gig & motor for home.

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