Cold Cold North


They say that there is no life in the north but only ever-frost. And if you are sitting in your apartments in Moscow, watching TV and feeling bored because of “warm” weather and drabness, why not to travel northward and check by yourself? And so did one company of best friends, they mounted their Lada and made their way to the very northern Russian city, Naryan-Mar, that is located even farther than one of the most northern and coldest cities of Russia, Arkhangelsk. Let’s see what they’ve got.



When the temperature outdoors is -30C (-22F) or even colder and your car can hardly start off, with all fibers of your soul you want to make the U-turn and head back home. But when some 500 miles are already behind and there is some 600 more ahead, there is no turning back.




Actually, you can seldom see a car from mainland in Naryan-Mar. Usual light-duty vehicle can hardly break through the mountainous snowbanks and nobody needs to go almost to the very North Pole on some heavy-duty car. Guys managed to make it on usual Lada and we give them respect for that.



Caretakers who guys met at the post some 200 miles away from Naryan-Mar said them that nobody knew what was on farther on and it was upon them to decide whether to continue their trip or not. Guys decided to stay put and keep going though their motor was dying every other hour, it seemed that they didn’t miss and managed to hit bull’s eye.








There it is, Naryan-Mar, one of the northernmost points in whole Russia. And what’s peculiar about the city? Nothing, except of lots of snow and arctic weather.







And there are some more things that are happening in the north:







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  1. First?

    the 3rd photo from the bottom (the photo right above the one with the helicopter) – what does it say?

    That’s Novaya Zemlya, right? Um, why is there a map on the wall? what does it mean?


    • It says something like “Be proud of the service in the archipelago “Novaya Zemlya””
      And that is the map of that archipelago

    • yes, that’s Novaya Zemlya map. Words means ‘Be proud for service at Novaya Zemlya’. Think that’s army troop’s or officer’s house or district.

      nice trip!


      It is miliary “motivation poster” 🙂

      At the archipelago lived less than 3000 people, military and technical personnel. Summer heat only +3°C (37°F).

  2. thanks for the explanations

    re: “Yes, it says Novaya Zemlya and the map is of the island. Why not?”

    Why not? Well, this town isn’t on Novaya Zemlya, so I was a bit confused what the reference to it was all about

  3. A toast to the brave explorers who battled the bitter weather and the winter sloth in search for adventure! Amazing pictures!

  4. Wow. I’ve spent time in Alaska, and some parts resemble this, but I don’t know of anybody who lives in them. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

    • Maybe that’s all they have ever known…living in a place that has harsh winters with lots and lots of beautiful snow.

      Good Morning/Good Night!

  5. Looks like the view outside of my window right now. Same temperature too.(Minnesota, USA) Brave fellows to drive in that car.


  6. That’s a nice demonstration of Lada:s durability. It’s not the fanciest car in the pack but it is built for Northern climates as proven here.

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