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  1. It looks like a picture on a metal plate.Todays Photoshop is much better than it was 10 years ago when I altered pics.Like a green screen on a hollywood stage every picture can be changed.I do wonder if it is real maybe there was a problem with the steam heat!

  2. It is not real, but only a prediction. The awful bad state of construction from the communist days will have this effect, when combined with the mentality idiocy of the average Russian urban peasant.

  3. An explosion like this would blow off the snow from trees and possibly blow out all the windows in the vicinity. The cracks on building’s walls also look fake..

  4. Im guessing this building was in Grozny during the Cheychan wars, but I could be wrong. Russian tanks and bombs did quite a number on that city.

  5. That really had me fooled. Great job. I guess there is no way the building could still be standing with most of the internal supports gone like that.

  6. It’s just a piece of mattepainting work, someone post it on cgtalk fourm:


  7. fake

    “Category: Fiction, Photos, Russian People”

    Not so good photoshop work anyway, building at the hole has no depth, windows are all intact around the missing parts, top floors above the hole would fall down.

  8. Taupey says:
    January 15, 2010 at 11:36 am

    In reality an explosion of that size as indicated by the size of the hole, would of caused massive interior damage as well.

  9. Not photoshoped…I know this accident..it was featured on Seconds from Disaster on the National Geographic Channel. A Commercial airliner crashed into these apartment buildings shortly after take off. The death toll was high I dont remember the exact number but everyone on the plane and at least 20 people in the apartments were killed

    • No, the event which you’re referring to is this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/0b/Bijlmer747crash.jpg totally different building and the upper floors didn’t survive. But i can see why you got confused, it can appear similar.

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  11. Damn, this is photoshop. 16 storey commieblocks are not demolished in Moscow yet. Another mighty kick in the ass of that author who tried so hard to lamely humble Russia.

  12. I think it has to be photoshoped. There are no sign of fires f.ex? But however did it should receive an eulogy for his/her work. It’s awfully convincing at a first look 🙂

  13. chaps this isnt russia
    its amsterdam 4th oct 1992 el al flight 1862
    1 of the engines broke off and went through this building killed 39

  14. Over 100 people killed and we’re making jokes? What a world we live in. People used to go see hangings and bring a picnic basket.

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