Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads

Russian inappropriate commercials

Here is the selection of top three ads your kids better not see from this winter in Russia.

This first one is about World of Warcraft and it is the most “soft” in order not to show the more “hard” ones on the site’s front page. It advertises bank cards for one of Russian top banks and promises to everyone that “…ork of 80th level can be called career growth too.” I mean, your kids can get really wrong opinion on that WOW is OK and they can get serious with it in their further life. Anyways inside we have really inappropriate two others, may be bit not safe for work.

Russian inappropriate commercials 2

Now this one says: “A complete set of the road rubber.”. Not quite clear what do they want you to do, to buy new tires and get a condom as a present or when buying new pack of condoms to check that your tires are new too?

Anyways it’s freely available on some avenue and kids can ask you “what’s that” question.

And now the most inappropriate:

Russian inappropriate commercials 3

People say it has been seen on the small ad stands in the downtown of one Russian cities. It reads: “Strawberry, the shop for those who are really in love”. Well, according to nowadays standards love is really often understood of something like this, so no wonders. But what would you tell your kids?!

And as a bonus track we can also list this one:

Russian inappropriate commercials 3

Reading in black something like “I suck for pennies”. It’s good when your kids can’t read.

15 thoughts on “Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads”

  1. So the ads are inappropriately written/posted in areas where children can see them.

    It’s difficult to hide things from children anyway.

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 80th level! I mean I am up to 75th level now and my boss promoted me only because of this quality.

    Also, condom awareness is a good thing. There are tons of ads around germany with condoms put on vegetables at bus stops etc. Much better than some degrading ad of men’s shoes with women on all fours (Windsor Smith in Australia, for example). On the other hand I bought a pair of Windsor Smiths after seeing the ads. I take it all back.

    • Having morals must mean that you don’t know how to laugh. The WOW ad is ridiculous and if your kid heeds that kind of message, they have bigger problems than videogames. The condom being shown with the tires is obviously meant to imply protection. It’s not like they are showing a used condom. Lastly, I can see how you wouldn’t want to have the sex toy ad in proximity to children. However, the suggestion that the use of sex toys somehow undermines the idea of love doesn’t make any sense.

  3. I do not get it why this is not good. Nobody wants to go back to the 60s and 70s when nothing was allowed, right ?

    This is creative and attracts attention – like,we on the net now also see these commercials because of the content.

  4. A’am Russian and I agree with author.
    There are enough amoral ugly in our commerce and advertising.
    But it is not so bad as it looks like.
    You will be ignoring such thing if you are living in Russia.

    PS Sorry for my English


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