16 thoughts on “St. Petersburg governor shoveling snow”

  1. I wonder why Russian and Korean have the same handmade broom. I thought it is a Korean style when I was in S. Korea. But it could be a cultural common denominator in the Asia, I guess.

  2. Perfect example of Russia’s refusal to modernize. Instead of all those people manually shoveling snow, one person operating a small bobcat or front-loader could clean the entire area in much less time.

    It was good to see the pics of St. Pete again. I spent many an early morning after a night of clubbing outside Gostiny Dvor waiting for the metro to open.

    For all of it’s backwardness and problems, I still love the place, especially in winter.

  3. Ha Ha you are so funny Americans! In St. Petersburg there is no business !???? That is yes, but where did he go then?? Nor offered his country above the other!
    Broom or who does not clean the snow, this is a spade.
    Not Surely it is not clear that this is just a joke of students (PR campaign) to attract more people. And then the governor general to do with it.


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