15 thoughts on “Amid reflections”

  1. I need some strong black coffee!

    EnglishRussia feels like the Twilight Zone lately, like a big empty house!


    Great Pictures! Thanks Guys!

    • Wow,how late do you stay up taupey?It must be nice to work at home most of the time.Yaaawwwn,I have school in the morning-I should get some sleep!

      • I have money from my husband dying. I don’t have to work. But if given the choice I would rather have my husband and be working.

        I have worked most of my adult life in the evenings and at night except when I taught music. So I’ve become nocturnal.

        I fight sleep no matter how early I’m up in the morning. I have Ambien to take but I don’t like to, so I don’t.
        You’ve been up late yourself. Are you on the West Coast?

        What are you studying in school SSSR? I absolutely love going to school.

      • Fake Musa – One drink for me and I’m having a party! I have never been a heavy drinker and never will be.

        I tried to join mental asylum but they told me I was too stubborn, strong willed and determined to be crazy and kicked me out!

        Shrink told me you just a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie go home and find safe hobbie.
        It’s a true story I have legal documentation so STFU!

        • You write a lot about yourself on this site Taupey,more than any other female here.Like I said you are a good conversationalist.You should get more sleep so you will be less cranky 🙂 That is all right.You are direct and to the point like me,I like that.I live in time zone 2,I am 2 hours behind you.I like being up all night so it is hard to sleep early.Being first is silly but it is something extra to do on this site if you come here when there is a new post.Clicking the refresh button hoping for a new post,that would be very booring Taup 🙂

          • Really, you are that close! Do you live close to Chicago, home of the Hot and very talented Billy Corgan of Smashing Punkins?

            No SSSR I’m not a good conversationalist. But I can talk a lot of sh1t and I’m a deadeye with a gun!
            Do you like to shoot guns?

            So whatcha studying?


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