Russian Mobile Banya, Village Style

Russian village fun

In Russian village they are having fun sometimes in some exotic way. The traditional washing places called “banya” were a must near every villager’s house. But still there are some that don’t have a banya and now the local entrepreneur Sergei has invented a mobile banya, village style. He got an old “Belarus” tractor and equipped it with a real life wooden hot steam banya house. Now such steamy delight is available by call delivered directly to your backyard or you can even to travel across the village while bathing and then can jump out to the virgin snow of the village outskirts.

Russian village fun 2

Russian village fun 3

Russian village fun 4

Russian village fun 5

Russian village fun 6

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19 thoughts on “Russian Mobile Banya, Village Style”

  1. I love that girl’s hat! Jumping in the snow like that might not be too bad coming from a hot banya. A mobile banya is a great idea but I would have to have my own.

    • I second that, in a sauna you must be naked, or you’re doing it wrong.

      I live in the middle of Europe, where saunas are rare, but sometimes I get back to my home country and this winter I got to go to 2 saunas, from +90°C in the sauna jumped in the snow at -15°C, and the other one was over +110°C!

      That’s what makes you impermeable to sickness over the year!

  2. Now that is some really expert craftsmanship, fitting those logs together without hardly any chinking, and being airtight too!

  3. I liked the sauna part in the 2 banyas I have been in in Russia but I would prefer to shower in the apartment instead of dumping a bowel of water on me.Unfortunatly the dacha did not have a shower in it.

  4. Is it possible to rent the banya, and for a small extra charge, include a “rental Katya” inside? Just wondering…

  5. That pointy hat that the girl on the right is wearing in picture 3 – does anybody know what they are called? I’ve been desperately wanting one for about a year…


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