22 thoughts on “Traveling in Winter”

  1. So they got a freezer seat to keep the drinks cold, whats the problem? The railway threw it in for free, ya just can’t make some people happy no matter how hard you try.

  2. I remember traveling during a very cold February in a rail car in European part of Russia without heating with similar results. I was unable to detach my fur coat sleeve from the car’s window because it stuck to this window. One day in January 1979 the inside wall of our apartment unit was covered with snow.

  3. AWW! haha i went on a train ride like that to Herson
    its wicked though! no one can sue and all u can do is tough it out. i love this country <3

  4. I was recently traveling by train in Russia (nearly a week ago), while it was -30 C outside, it was like +30-35 inside, we had to ask to decrease power of heaters.

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