Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town


There is a secret town in Kamchatka. One can get here only by sea or a helicopter.

The town’s name is Bechyovinka (in the name of Bechyovinsky bay) or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-54 (in accord with the last figures of the postal code).


We do not need it anymore.


It’s ordered to abandon the town!


To leave the guardhouses!


To leave the control panels!


To leave the medicine chest!


To play big – abandon all the hospital!


Leave the laundry!


To scatter carbonic oxide!


To leave the savings bank!


To abandon the school with cherished birches!


To abandon the shop with egg trays!


To leave the nursery with toys!


To leave the bathroom with romantic breakers!


To leave the bread box and the slippers!


To leave the kitchen! Leave the stove!


Asshole, who throws the stove this way?


Abandon all the houses!


To leave the atom bomb!


And to leave the honour of the officer!


To leave the boiler room and 50 tons of black oil!


To abandon the secret warehouses in the hills!


To abandon the ship!


To leave the ship diesel and other scrap metal!


Don’t digress!


To leave all the boxes with carbon-dioxide absorbers for submarines!


To abandon the submarine!


And to abandon the town!


To leave everything to sea lions!


Full speed ahead!


Keep it up!


photo credits: Artemi Lebedev

61 thoughts on “Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town”

  1. Absolutely evocative of another era, perhaps a hundred years from now historians will be looking for this very locale, now passed into folklore.

    • Don`t be in so hurry! ! ! to go there.this place is so “contaminated” and “poisonous” just because of Soviets insanity to win cold war! ! ! ! !radio activity and bio hazard is so dangerous to breath all can notice that there are no “birds” and nothing living creature is visible.fine, go and “enjoy” ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. This is real Russia.
    This is how Russia will look like when they run out of gas and oil. They don’t build anything, no industry to speak of
    but few thousand Russian live like sheiks and the rest of
    their citizens live like beggars in India

  3. for sure, both Russia and USA have bigger and better secret weapons!!! It would be foolish to leave all behind and not have some Aces in the sleeve 😀

  4. I’d love to visit this abandoned sites someday….

    And these type of pictures is what makes me come back everytime 🙂


    • Here are the coordinates:

      +53° 16′ 19.21″, +159° 47′ 0.95″

      Just put them on google maps or something…

  5. Hey, my friends…
    This plase is abandoned ’cause it’s very harmful. In Soviet Union’s times probably there was a complex of some toxic production. Equipment wasn’t great in that time and there were a lot of crashes. I have some friends from Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the ending plases of Chykotka (Chukchi Peninsula). They told that Soviet government had preferred to leave those plases ’cause it was the cheepest and simplest way in our borderless Motherland. Everybody had been ressetled to an european part of Russia, even to Saint Petersburg and Moscow in fact.
    And nowadays theese plases still are the ghosts of remembering our Soviet Union’s past.

  6. We (US) need to round up and send our lefty enviro-wacko’s over there to live, I’m sure they’d love the back to nature experience…. They could finaly spend their time making a difference, cleaning up the place….. LOL.

  7. It looks haunted. Imagine what it must be like when everyone is gone and the wind is whistling through the broken windows. Spooky.

  8. I thought this was going to be another long boring blog post, but I was pleasantly suprised. I will be posting a backlink on my blog, as I am quite sure my readers will find this more than interesting.

  9. Amazing pictures, Excellent Location, great experience… since childhood I have a fascination to be in once such location and remain here for rest of my life…. these photos remind me of Stalker” movie and also Soviet era…

  10. excellent photos, great location and amazing experience, i always have a fascination from childhood to be in one such place and live there forever…reminds me of “Stalker” movie. All these photos reminds me of Soviet superpower era…

  11. this would be a fun place to play as a little kid…

    “It seems like a hobby to abandoned everything in russia…. whats wrong with this country??”

    same way as the Greeks abandoned their theaters as cities as their empire vanished, same thing was with the soviet empire. i would love to see the faces of tourist from 3010 coming here and taking pictures and “playing” STALKER or FALLOUT, which would be ancient in their time.

  12. Yes, I was in the end of 70-s on place like this on far nord of Russia, Chukotka’s peninsula. We, in geological expedition, suddenly finded forgotten army base, without personal, without weapons,- just lot of fuel tanks for helicopters. And this place was guarded only by two hungry soldjers with no weapon! We asked this guys, why they haven’t weapons and amunition. They answered: because what happened year ago, when some soldjer from guard crew killed all another soldjers, and he was destroyed by missile from helicopter… Some kind of winter manic-depression, maybe. But it happened many years before collapse of Soviet Union.

  13. Breathtaking,beautiful and callous art. I loved all of the running dialogue too. Great job man.
    This place looks a lot like Pripyat in the Ukraine.
    Except no nuclear disaster happened here.

  14. Some cool shots I guess, The one from outside the building looking uphil near the flowers/grass etc is cool

    Anyway, Back to watching South park episode

  15. Does anyone really believe that he spontaneously decided to activate an emergency slide? Then grabbed a beer before he left?

  16. why i must live in a place full of angry people? everytime when i see similar pictures i think that i was madde to live in places like that.

    from poland with love

  17. I remodel my bathroom. I change the Maecenas, rather pure, filtered water is operating on the wall and many humidity buildup in ceilling. the shower is into a corner the fan is by use of the wall 10′ a way. does The Maecenas have to be over the shower? or should I built a substitute ceiling during the shower?


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