The Murmansk Marine Biological Institute 1
35 The Most Northern Institute

The Most Northern Institute

The Murmansk Marine Biological Institute – one of the most northern academic institutes in the world where fundamental
and scientific engineering problems of the modern marine biology, oceanography and ecology are solved.
Polar bears on Russian submarine

38 Polar Bears Prefer Bread

Polar Bears Prefer Bread

Russian sailors serving on submarines has noticed interesting fact - the most preferred food for polar bears is bread, they like it very much, just look on those photos, how they risking their lives jump
from one ice piece to another to get closer to the submarine and ask some more of this when the submarine appears on the surface of the cold polar ocean breaking the thin ice apart.

19 Kamchatka Showplaces

Kamchatka Showplaces

The Kamchatka peninsula bristles with places of dizzying beauty, but unfortunately there is just one place – and it is the Valley of Geysers – known for those people who haven’t been to the peninsula that can be considered as one of the most beautiful lands in the
whole Russia. There is one unique place that is being as good as the other nature sights of Kamchatka region and located not far from the before-mentioned Valley of Geysers, and this place is caldera of Uzon volcano. Today we will tell you about it.
Miss Russian Student 2010 1
32 Miss Student Russia 2010 [30 photos]

Miss Student Russia 2010 [30 photos]

Looks like this winter is the time for different contests. We had Miss Russia, then Belarusian casting for their Miss 2010,
and now they have Miss Student 2010 in Moscow where the girl students of Russian colleges and universities compete.
31 Bogorodsky toys factory

Bogorodsky toys factory

Formerly work in the walls of this factory was in full swing, today due to scanty earnings , most of the employees work at home, and the
number of those who want to work at the factory is becoming only less. But despite all the difficulties the Bogorodsky toy is alive.
Russian lada for snow driving 5

19 A Solution for Many Many Snow

A Solution for Many Many Snow

When you are having snow like on the photo above and you own just a regular passenger car you possibly risk not to leave your house for days or weeks while they be able to clear the way up to your gate. But, there is a solution offered by
some company in Kirgizia how to turn any regular car into powerful "Snow-Foot" vehicle. Inside the post after some more extremely snowy landscapes we'll see the photos and the videos of that cool vehicle idea.
15 Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate

Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate

“Zaklyuchye” is a very beautiful estate right in-between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is situated in about 40 km from the highway and the shortest way to get there – from Moscow by a dirt road
where not any car can go as the snow on some parts is too high, but the views around are so picturesque that you forget about everything – that is what the real Russian winter must be!

12 Borschevsk Caves

Borschevsk Caves

Saint-Petersburg region can really boast of some beautiful and remarkable places; and Borschevsk Caves is one of them. The caves are located at the Antonovo lakeside nearby Oredezh village, Saint-Petersburg region. And the most unusual thing about them is that it was not Mother Nature which made them
but people themselves. There are several caves over there which face the waterside. Actually, most of them already broke down, but some are still intact. A team of Russian photographers went there specially to make a photo story of a place that previously has been unknown.

21 Tatiana Day

Tatiana Day

Back in 1755 year, when the Julian calendar was still on, on the 12-th of January according to the old calendar and on the 25-th of January according to the new one empress Elizabeth signed an order to establish the most popular and premium Moscow State University that soon afterwards became the center of Russian culture. Later on in a campus of the university there was built a church of martyr
Tatiana and the saint herself was declared as a patroness of Russian studentship. And since then by the students themselves this day was considered as the day when all mid-term exams in most of Russian universities were over and days of heavy partying could be started. In 2005, the 25-th of January was recognized as official Day of Studentship across the Russian Federation.
First photographer to come to Moscow 1

51 First Western Photographer in Moscow

First Western Photographer in Moscow

During World War II Soviet Union was tough on letting foreign, especially Western journalists entering Russian and especially Moscow. They all were meant to be spies and so on. And then only after the death of Stalin in 1953 first photographers
were allowed to come to Moscow and make first shots of the Soviet State. This is from the first of the first, coming from France and letting the world see the people of Moscow for the first time for ten or so years.

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