The Soviet Christmas Tree Decorations


As the New Year getting closer and closer with every single minute and in some countries and regions it has already came, we proudly present collection of the old Soviet Christmas tree decorations.

May the New Year bring you all you want: happiness, well-being, and may all the gaps, even the innermost ones will be easily bridgeable!

Happy New Year!


































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47 thoughts on “The Soviet Christmas Tree Decorations”

  1. OLá,

    Venho acompanhando seu blog já há algum tempo.
    Para nós aqui do Brasil, poucas informações sobre essa região aí da Russia chegam para nós. E quando chega, é sempre sob a visão dos “EUA”.
    GOsto muito de suas postagens.
    Tenho aprendido coisas maravilhosas sobre esse povo daí do “outro lado do mundo”.
    Feliz Ano Novo para vc tb!!!
    Susana Cardoso
    Itajaí – Santa Catarina – Brasil

    • I love this site is incredibly amazing, my wife is lithuanian-russian. But definetely I hold a dear affect towards Lithuania, Russia and this site.. amazing pictures and great comments from you all. It’s so interesting for me to know more about this slavic places which seem to me magical. Happy new year.. to you all.

      Greetings from Mexico!

  2. What is the undermost candle thingy known as?
    In Scandinavia that’s ‘angel bell’, but soviet version seems to have censored the angels…

    (What an annoying sounding device, but wildly appealing to kids below 6.)

  3. Happy new year world,who ever you are and where ever you live!I can only hope my country the United States Of America will not mess up anything it 2010!….

  4. What is problem? Do you need me to sign waiver releasing ER of any responsibility if I were to have problems as a result of my comments? Send me the waiver!

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    I changed my mind, I would be delighted to take your computer and throw it at you!

        • I don’t think Finnish Alcoholics Online controls this site in any way.He has posted many pages on ER,that makes him a moderator.He is not a moderator for the comments.ER is a part of Digg,which is many blog sites together on 1 server.There is so much info to compute here and if our hard drives have not been defraged in a while it takes more time for everything here to load on our computers,and cell phones.Most cell phones don’t have hard drives but it can still be difficult to transmit via air waves.Sometimes this site and links on this site do not work properly.The comment moderation is very annoying but it is something we must deal with!I know about things like this Tauper,relax 🙂

        • You obviously don’t know as much as you think you do!

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          Finnish Alcoholics Online has some kick A$$ computer skills!

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          • How do you know it is him?I don’t think he controls anything.
            Did he somehow get your password or username?Some web sites can take control of your internet browser.How can he control your CB?What is your CB doing?…

  6. I miss the USSR. Back then life was simpler. We knew who the opposition was, very clearly in black and white. Now days it’s all murky. Hail to the former Soviet Union!

    • Very right! ! ! !which “era” of communist Russia,you wanna to join? ? ? ? ? Lenin.Ctalin,Khrushchev,Brezhnev or Putin’s! ! ! ! ! !aer you “serious” ! ! ! !lovely Siberian retreats,beautiful paradise of gulags,state controlled human machines and hero of the soviet socialist republic! ! ! ! ! ! ! R I P! ! ! !

  7. How do you know it is him?I don’t think he controls anything.
    Did he somehow get your password or username?Some web sites can take control of your internet browser.How can he control your CB?What is your CB doing?.

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  8. Thank you so much for the photos!

    But please do away with the ‘Finnish Nazi’ character. There are enough trolls and there is enough hate in the world. Make it a better place.

    • I agree, this hateful Finnish Nazi Troll must go!

      But our Finnish Alcoholics Online makes this website absolutely wonderful so he must stay! 😀
      Thank You!

  9. since prebaltics want a political comment, lithuania- i wish history had been different and the ussr had never incorporated your dirt land. better hitler had overrun you and treated you as nicely as he did poland?

  10. Pickles – a Christmas tradition

    In many countries, there is a tradition involving a single pickle ornament, like the one in the ogorod pix, fourth from the bottom.

    It is carefully hidden on the tree, and the first child to find it gets some little prize.

    A shiny green pickle on a green tree full of shiny ornaments is much harder to find than you’d think.

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