Snow Frenzy


Last several years winter in Russia was more European and temperature seldom fell below -15C (+5F.) But is seems that this winter Mother Winter has rolled round too fast and it’s really overboard. Few weeks ago frost came to Russia and now it looks like it’s on its way westwards, straight to Eastern Europe. All this time temperature on thermometer seldom fell below -20C (-5F.) Because of that any road was clogged up to the brim every singe day. And now, when frost almost dropped Russia off and left just a bunch of two or three feet high snowbanks here and there, it seems that Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe countries just began feeling this snow frenzy.


It was second day of the “disaster” in Kherson, Ukraine. Snow almost stopped falling but the enormous amount of it that has already fallen doesn’t feel like melting. Public transport runs interruptedly and private one has already long hidden under the heavy coat of snow. The busiest highroads were cleaned and as authorities said there were no casualties at all, but we can hardly believe them as it is unknown what’s happening in the country.

People working in public utilities of Kherson are stretched to the limit and even subsistence putting is carried out erratically. Though locals hold their end up quite tight and some volunteers circulating around cities shoveling damned snow away.





And there are some shots by the family that were going almost through the whole country that time:




















May the New Year bring you lots of snow that does you only good!

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  1. Yup, I feel their pain. I lived in Chicago for 30 years, we got lake effect snow there, would dump a foot or more in a matter of hours and keep coming- some snow plow drivers saw too much, went snow- happy & started ramming parked cars out of frustration. As I key this message in, I’m sitting in shorts and t-shirt, it’s 10:30 P.M. and about 72 degrees out side- it took me 30 years to get down here, but I’m living on a barrier island in Florida, and I ain’t never gonna leave. Any of my northern relatives croak during winter, keep ’em in the freezer ’till summer, then I’ll come up for the funeral.

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      Did he somehow get your password or username?Some web sites can take control of your internet browser.How can he control your CB?What is your CB doing?I ran into the moderation on the ornament page!

  2. Seems rather normal compared to where I am in MN. Deep snow followed by fridgid temps is what we got for Yule this year. Its worse up in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan – just east of us, which gets our weather plus lake-effect that can add anything from a few inches to a few feet onto a storm.

  3. I also live in the Midwest United States, and we got heavy snow throughout the region, which is about 15 states total. This snowfall is rare for my hometown, but we got two back to back blizzards, plus a small ice storm in between.

  4. LOL That’s cause you a crazy Finn! When I was 15 yrs old, I jumped into a snow bank from my grandparent’s upstairs bathroom window…that..was fun!

  5. I live in mexico.. here is always summer. Cheers! I’ll keep drinking a ice-cold beer while you guys jump into saunas and then to snow, or plow your high-ways.

    Best Regards,

  6. Woo-eeeh! That’s a lotta snow! We got winter with a vengeance here in Wisconsin, too, but it hasn’t been that bad yet.

    The best thing about a winter snow storm is sitting inside my house, snuggled up in some blankets, and sipping hot tea — with a little brandy in it. Oh..and reading about the snow in Russia and the Ukraine!

  7. Is this a Minnesota reunion we have here? The picnic table in my back yard is buried. 25 below in real (Fahrenhiet) degrees. Cost 60$ to get me plowed out, and I missed xmas with the rellies, only half of which I can stand.

  8. meh! these look like early Quebec winter. we get that much on the 1st snowfall and it stays till March at least, with inches and inches piling up. Last year some areas got a record 16 ft of snow throughout the whole season. Look it up if you don’t beleive me 🙂

    right now there’s about 3ft on the ground, and the February storms are far ahead…

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  10. good day this is my favorite weather [snow storms] i’m leaving in africa but i need to move to Russia or ukraine to takep;ace in their table tennis game, thanks

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