Russia’s Reindeer-herdsmen


272 miles long peninsula Yamal in Siberia is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also mother soil for vagrant tribes, the Nenets people. Their main occupation is reindeer breeding and all they have are reindeer, because they build houses of reindeer skin and make their clothes of it. There are a few thousand of herdsmen on the peninsula who have more than 500,000 reindeer. But presently their traditional occupation is at stake owing to global warming and climate change.









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26 thoughts on “Russia’s Reindeer-herdsmen”

  1. If they have nothing to worry about except for global warming, then all is well. Fewer people are falling for the climate change hoax as time passes.

  2. It’s like looking into the past. Human’s are expert hunters when we are hungry. Of course most of the hunting today is done on Wall Street.

  3. Yes is beautiful!

    Missing from photo’s are the remains of oil drilling and other garbage:Russian do not clean up after themselves, cleaning =gay.

  4. Yes is beautiful! Missing from photo’s are the remains of oil drilling and other garbage:Russian do not clean up after themselves.

  5. I don’t want to offend anyone but these people look filthy and like they smell horrible.

    Human beings who don’t bathe can smell as bad as death on the dying and a decomposing body.

    I want to go to Mongolia and stay in a yurt/ger, horse riding and all that but I’m concerned if they are clean people?

    If anyone has had experience with Mongolians they could share, I would appreciate it.

        • If you want to go to Mongolia, go!!! It will change your life!! People are different, culture is different, broaden your horizon!! Do not expect easy vacation, it is not Club Med; but it is worth it!

          PS ignore the Fake Kirov that is using my name. He cannot handle the fact he lost an argument with me and now is getting back at me with childish actions. I pity him.

          • Pampered = Boring!

            I’m use to the great outdoors and I’m definitely not afraid to get dirty or muddy!

            I just have an aversion to people who don’t take baths!

            Do I give people the impression I’m spoiled and scared to live?

            Thanks for the advice! I will probably go as soon as I can convince someone to go with me!


          • Legacy, Song Of Beltane and Journey On The Sea Wind are names of some fantasy stories I have written to give my young adult children as presents! I have never been on Club Med. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy sailing or to appreciate beautiful and or historical sailing ships or any other type of ships! I apologize if gave anyone wrong the impression.

    • Hi,

      I know someone who got on a motorcycle and went to Mongolia.

      More info can be found here:

      It’s more like a travel log, you will find some infor over there.

      You could also contact him, he came back after all. He most likely will offer you important information regarding the trip, visas, etc.


    • people who live in tents in areas where the average temperature is below zero probably do not shower every day. LOL, what a thing to hold to be important!!

  6. Is it possible in the winter to drive (on iceroads) accross northern Russia or is it only allowed on the Trans Siberian Highway…

    Many of the Canadian iceroads are public but some are closed/restricted and privately owned

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