In Belarus We’ve Got Integral

Russian display brand

Now, in the days of economic crisis there is one trend being popular among many. If to be brief people agitate to buy local production in order to support national corporations and not to allow the money going abroad.

In modern day Belarus this trend is widely recognized too. “We gotta buy local products at any occasion possible”, says national leader. And people do buy.

This is an example of Belarus made “Integral” flat lcd displays. What’s so special about them you can see inside.

Russian display brand 2

Russian display brand 3

Russian display brand 4

Russian display brand 5

Russian display brand 6

Russian display brand 7

Russian display brand 8

Russian display brand 9

Russian display brand 10

The sign proudly reads: “INTEGRAL. Made in Belarus”

41 thoughts on “In Belarus We’ve Got Integral”

  1. Same happens in Russia all the time. Russia is not producing anything except raw commodities and matroshkas. Even agricultural products like vegetables, flowers, potatoes and milk are mostly imported. Why ? Everything is corrupted and small businesses are obstructed as much as possible. Average Russians are the victims: have to pay high prices. I’m sorry to be Russian

  2. This fact doesn’t imply anything yet :

    Fist of all, the screen and the electronic components might very well have been made in Belarus, whereas the plastic parts could have been bought from Acer.

    Secondly, some entrepreneurs, knowing that belarussian production sells better might have put those stickers to improve their sales.

  3. Gee guys, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some nudnick put fake stickers over the original names. Really, is this some sort of April Fools joke for December?

    Douglas…Happy New Year!

  4. There are fakes and knockoffs everywhere!China is the fake capital of the world.Mexico is after China.Take a good look at those Oakley sun glasses before you buy them at the next city street festival!

    That is a good question-are you Russian Kirov?

  5. Ha Ha, checkout the Integral webpage:

    apparently they have pioneered numerous innovations in semiconductors. lol

  6. Oh, this happens in the west too. Apple LCD screens for instance. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Only they put slightly more effort into making a nice shell than just adding stickers.

  7. Wonder why the “caution” label in the back of the screen, is in norwegian and swedish? An Acer screen build in Belarus, for the Scandinavian market?

  8. i live in Russia.
    i had Aist bicycle in my childhood (soviet years).
    several months ago i tried to buy a bicycle of this well-known Belarus brand Aist
    and failed.
    after long period of searching and calling to various wholesale companies i got to know that the factory had closed long time ago.
    after belarus internet forums investigating it became evident that website and its news is real fake cause people living in belarus cant find new Aist bykes too.

  9. Happy New Year!! From the USA.

    This is a very cool site! I’m not sure about the LCD displays but the one Russian export that I still like a lot is Anna Kornikova. Thanks for her!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She hasn’t won much but who cares? ๐Ÿ™‚

    MB Apache Junction, Arizona

  10. Reminds me of East German matrix printers made by VEB Robotron, Dresden. These were in fact made in Japan, by Epson, and were indeed of excelent quality. East Germans used to export them to West Germany and other western countries.

  11. Integral should be warned about this…this is obviously someone else using their branding. They don’t manufacture this type of LCD…


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