Happy Fake Year!


Indeed, the NY has an absolute right to be considered as one of the greatest and happiest holidays of all. But except for tons of joy, sea of presents, New Year’s tree and feeling of excitement which cannot leave you some ten days before the moment of truth, it has something else. And in Russia the NY brings not only these typical for the holiday things but several symbolic ones as well.


There are lots of must-be things that mean much for the Russians. For instance, mandarin oranges and Russian salad are canonic and you can barely find a living without them. Also, there are special TV-shows and movies aired before and after the NY, and some can even learn what day it is at the time just watching TV or looking through television program. And one of such shows that comes together with the NY is Goluboi Ogonek or Blue Light. It is aired on all the channels and almost every Russian star participates in it.

Everyone knows little secrets that are hidden behind the curtain. For example, it is well-known that the show is made 1 month before the holiday and is heavily edited. But what about other mysteries that the show hides? It’s supposed to have some more of them and that is for sure. Today we will unveil some things that are happening behind-the-scenes.

Actually, at present time the show is being shot within 8 days and not 2 months as it was last year and earlier. It has changed the shooting location as well. Now it will be shot at one of the studios of Mosfilm and not at the Shabolovka TV-tower.


What do we see? A lot of happy faces sitting all dressed up, drinking champagne and eating fruits. Champagne is actually lemonade and all fruits except mandarin oranges are props and made of plastic. For sure, how can fruits just lie on the table and not to go wrong for 8 days?




But what about the audience? Who all these people are? Of course they are mob scene and specially hired over the Internet for the show. Employers pay them 300 rub or 10 bucks to sit there from 9 am to midnight. Overtime is 100 rub for one hour. They seldom can go to a restroom and forced to sit there all day long and be all smiles.






Now all people throwing ticker tape about are coming. The girl to the left is busy with serpentine and the guy to the right is casting white papers over. Also there are staff collecting litter in the intervals.





Still there are many babushkas thinking that all stars are being shot at once in a live television broadcast. Of course it is not like that and after scenes with them are shot, the show is edited thoroughly so that it seems like all them are sitting there together and singing songs.













What else can we say? May this oncoming year will be not fake but a happy one for you!


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24 thoughts on “Happy Fake Year!”

  1. Yes this show is a disgusting display of false happyness and bad taste : last year i.e. muslim minorities [dvorniki] were ridiculed and Russia is onlu country were noone will care. Disgusting, we should be ashamed of our low morals and try to become more civilized

  2. I think it’s OK for NY show. Almost every broadcast is done this way nowadays, nothing special. Even president shoots his message in advance.

    Merry X-Mass and Happy New Year everyone!!! 🙂

  3. those people look bored to death. some women thouh have nice sexy legs. who cares if they make fun of muslims. all muslims should be killed off, disgusting little people.

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