Embossing technique


Embossing technique is applied in Iran to make ware, ornamental panels, various jewelry – the things that are so popular among the tourists. Like most of the merchandise embossed goods are made right next to souvenir shops, so we can watch a master working.

The relief on the sheets is created with help of specially produced instruments – chisels and set hammers that are usually made of metal or wood.

A relief or design can be embossed after putting the sheet on a birch or a lime log, on a thick felt or rubber, a seabag with beach sand, plasticine or resin layer, but sometimes a lead plate is more suitable.


For embossment the following metals are normally used: brass, copper, aluminum and steel 0,2-1mm thick, in some cases silver and gold are applied as well.


Here is a street vendor of copper sheets for chasers.


And the result of work is sold in the adjacent shops.


Or in this way: on the right we can see copper pots…


…They are made right here.




And this is a shop where copper ware or embossed panels are covered with tin.



Probably nothing can be compared to handwork, each article is unique. It costs and looks more expensive than any soulless, trite item because a master puts his whole soul in each article he makes. Masterpieces are always hand-made and real “hand-made” will be highly prized in any time, any century, any future.

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    • First of all, there are no races.

      Secondly, there is absolutely no mention of their supposedly Persian origin anywhere in the text, or on the photos. I assume that those photos were taken in Turkey by a Russian tourist, which kinda explains it’s presence on EnglishRussia, although I agree that they don’t belong in here.

  2. it’s a dying art, have you seen how the Japanese make their tea pot’s? with those needles and what have you? it’s the mass produced stuff in china, s.e. asia, and the americas, and account to europeans being lazy that beautiful work like this is no longer hand made…damn shame

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