Growing mushrooms at home – detailed recommendations


If you have some thirst for creativity, why not try to grow something? Why not mushrooms? Why not at home?

It is shameful to say – but these mushrooms have been grown in a toilet. No other suitable place was found.

Well, the recommendations are as follows:

1. First of all, it is necessary to buy mycelium (mushroom spores), in this particular case – oyster mushrooms.

2. Some straw is to be stolen from the collective farm field.

3. A plastic bag is to be bought for pickling.

4. The straw is to be topped with boiling water.

5. The straw and the mycelium are to be put into the bag in layers and the bag is to be tied.

6. The holes sized to 20 cents coin are to be punched out in the bag.

7. The bag is to be put in a dark place (like toilet).

In a week you will see first mushrooms protrusion, on this stage the bag should be brought to a bathroom and showered.

They will be big already in two days.


Then they could be cut off and the bag could be returned to the toilet…


The result is interesting, but the process is interesting twice – it is a real “mushrooms-creating”.


The oyster mushrooms should be cooked in the following way: wash (grown in the toilet after all), cut, fry for two minutes and bon appetite!


22 thoughts on “Growing mushrooms at home – detailed recommendations”

  1. Are these “Lisitchki”? If so, they’re worth it. Too bad the flavor of taiga moss is missing, but I suppose you could add that.

  2. this is a long sought proof that ruskiye do not use the bathtub or a shower, or any ablution practices whatsoever!

    here we have the reason for a smell that lingers around comrades!!!!

  3. So…where would we get the spores for some magical mushrooms?
    That’s the first thing I thought of when I read your post.

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