Birth of a Traffic Jam


Nowadays the main obstacle to having a car in Russia is not even a bad state of its roads but constant traffic jams. Daily from 6 am to 11 am and from 6pm till 11 pm all the roads are heavily jam-packed. In mornings people trying to get to their jobs and unis somehow, whether by a car or by bus to get to the nearest metro stations to avoid these clogged roads with heavy traffic. And the same thing happens when people coming back home from their jobs and unis, striving to get home to have a meal and to rest after the heavy day of a backbreaking job.

Not only in big cities like Moscow or Saint-Petersburg can you see everyday traffic jams but even in such cities as Ekaterinburg, Perm, Novosibirsk and Voronej. And today we will tell you about the latter by way of example how traffic jam is being born.


Usual crossroads in the center of the city. A stream of the cars is going ahead and trying to cross the intersection but freezing because of traffic lights.


The cars going from the left side are trying to turn left but doing nothing except clogging the crossroads even more. It is not a traffic jam yet, but we can already see its dawning.


Now the stream of cars at the left side didn’t manage to cross the road in time and ran into the other stream. Some cars are trying to bypass the buses packing the jam more heavily with it.



The cars which are trying to turn left join the jam and blocking each another.



The streams going forward joined them as well and now nobody looks at the traffic lights and all the cars are moving where it is possible.


And at last, the traffic jam is ready. The whole road is absolutely clogged.
Actually, the rules forbid to cross the intersection if it’s clogged and you do not have a possibility to cross it. It would be much better if somebody would follow them…

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35 thoughts on “Birth of a Traffic Jam”

  1. The solution is obvious. They need special middle lanes for turning left or right [with lights to control the flow.] Plus they need painted pedestrian crossing paths.

    The solutions are so simple really. With all those unis in Moscow, aren’t there any courses in Traffic Control?

  2. Looks like a normal day in Chicago or Rome. Only with Chicago you need more taxis and with Rome you have to throw in hundreds of motor bikes.

  3. Russians like to create obstacles in order to overcome them. Makes us feel better about ourselves and keep the life more exciting. American roads are just boring and monotonous.

  4. go to Milton Keynes, UK. that town is just a series of roundabouts. after driving through it for 5 minutes it feel like another dimension and you lose all track of north-south-east-west. btw what level was the person taking this picture on? in a helicopter or a space craft? they make things tall in Russia

    • Many cities in USA have roundabouts now.The ones in my city are on roads with less traffic.There are none on major roads.That intersection could have more signals-maybe arching over the streets.It is a wide intersection so maybe that is not possible.A turn arrow on the side of the road would always help.

  5. Now that so many Russians drive cars today if possible maybe Moscow could expand the city out more,create more suburbs!Russia has much open space and only so much city space to cram most of the people in.

  6. The situation’s the same in India! But this won’t cause traffic jams: Underneath the chaos there seems to be an orderly way of keeping things moving:

  7. The solution is simple obey the traffic lights and stop thinking you are more important than everyone else and the jams would vanish!!!! Be courteous and life will be easier!!!

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