Similar Number Plates


And Minsk again here. The other day in Minsk there were spotted 4 cars with the same number plates on them. Presently, local KGB tries to tell the cause of such a strange incident. Maybe there is some man that masterminds of it. Moreover, all four cars are kind of premium ones and belong to one class and it seems like the KGB’s guesswork is quite right.




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10 thoughts on “Similar Number Plates”

  1. No one claiming it’s photoshop? I’m almost disappointed 😛
    Anyway, whoever did this just failed – for this to work all the cars should’ve been similar.

  2. 2 questions:
    Is public administration so bad-managed in Belarus that they cannot control if a plate is given twice, 3 times ¡four times!?
    How happy would bad drivers feel in Belarus since they can claim there is another car the one that trespassed the law and never get fined? How dangeorous for other drivers & pedestrians these bad drivers can go free!!!!

  3. KGB investigates motor vehicle license plate mishaps? Such low class work for national intelligence gathering. Puzzle very easy. License plate numbers printed many times for price of one vehicle. In America, they call this counterfeiting.


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