“Kabbalah” Vodka; With Christian Infants


A short time ago the company “EZ Protocols” announced a start-up of vodka brand that is called “Kabbalah vodka – with Christian infants” – the newest quality benchmark on the super premium segment of the Russian market. The vodka is expected to have a distinguished wheat flavor. Special water, enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions along with neat and stylish design will bring anyone back to the best traditions of a ritual table. As a present, every bottle has a unique handmade infant inside, which is made of fortified glass.


This drink is focused on strong and self-confident men from the higher orders that prefer authority to publicity and know for a certainty about the nature of power in Russia. An advertising campaign was launched with the distribution of nameless club cards and with clandestine presales at Internet-auctions. Just for a first day of sells, the vodka has managed to sell out more than 13,000 5-litre cases which is considered as an all-time record for brands of a given class.

A usual case of the vodka “Kabbalah” contains 10 bottles with different kinds of vodka in them and their selection is accidentally set along with 10 Kabbalah sefirot. The choice of a color of the bottle and the quotation from Torah written on the bottle backside are accidental as well.

Glass figurines are rarely repeated, not more than 3 times, and this feature most probably symbolize the three ways of Kabbalistic permuting of Torah’s texts. Considering the overall production, the figurines numbers must be huge. It has already led to creation of several vodka artworks private collections in Russia. Even a sort of black market has been borne that is renowned for selling glass infants. Phrase “glass kidnapping” is not a rare occurrence in the yellow press nowadays. Now, one can easily run across a new-made phrase in yellow press that has already become set, “glass kidnapping.”

In return to rumors and a sea of suits from many of human rights organizations the company “EZ Protocols” hastened to declare that no child has gotten hurt during production of the drink.


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    • Well one, satanism and Kabbalah are not the same thing being as Kabbalist reject the idea that satan even exists. And two, on a side note, i like how christians these days view the pentacle as a sign of satanism, when in fact early christians respected the pentacle and referred to it as the Blazing Star.
      Later yet still early Christians related the five points of the pentacle to the five wounds of Christ, and considered it a holy symbol.

  1. What’s wrong with this vodka?

    1. EZ Protocols is a reference to the Protocols of Zion
    2. The upside down star is a satanic pentagram with a circle.
    3. Satanism and Kabbalah are the same thing.
    4. Sacrificing newborns is a common theme in ritual abuse.
    5. “With Christian Infants” is a reference to St Simon of Trent, a Christian boy allegedly ritually murdered by Jews.

    • I’m assuming you left something out of your list titled “What’s wrong with this vodka?” because the five things you listed are AWESOME!

      I don’t get why it’s made from wheat though…

    • I bet that’s why The Christian Infant look like Russian Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin!

      Seem like them jews always got to be causing trouble somewhere!

      • The circled star was talked about not long ago on a past post.It is a symbol of the former Soviet Union also found on firearms-or it is satanic reflecting something from Motley Crue’s early days.The bottle is like others I saw in the gift shop of a Moscow airport.And it could cost 5,ooo rubles!The diamond vodka I bought was 3,500 rubles and the platinum vodka was 4,000 rubles,about $40.00 US.Back in 2007 I landed in the most expensive city on the planet and I quickly learned to budget my money well!

        • The soviet star is not upside down like the satanist star. The vodka design is purely satanic cleverly disguised as jewish.

          The infant looking like putin is propaganda on a subconscious level. The infant putin represents russia.

          1. In the first design russia is being ritually sacrificed for the NWO. A reference to communism, the purges, etc.

          2. In the second design russia is antisocial and giving the world the middle finger. A reference to Russia’s isolation and ‘bad guy’ status during soviet times.

          3. In the third design, russia is being shown as incompetent. The infant picks his nose and is unaware of anything. A reference to russia’s current state of government.

          • Well then the vodka bottles are satanic and against the Russian Federation government-and they are sold in Russia?

            I question if Putin is represented in the bottles!Maybe someone can google it,I am not on the internet much.

            • Reasons why it’s sold

              1. Profit.
              2. The government does not put restrictions on how you design a bottle.
              3. Russian government like every government is full of politicians who prostitute themselves to the NWO in order to get into positions of power and stay there. Many of them take part in satanic rituals. Read Icke.
              4. The average person does not recognize NWO, illuminati, satanic messages.
              5. To spread misinformation. Linking jews with satanism. More support for the arab countries, israel gets upset, WW3. Disaster for everybody.

            • Detailed explanation on the symbolism here


  2. A gimmick bottle to sell over priced vodka, no doubt-it’s probably filled with Popov- Pop off the cork and start drinking.

  3. What a clever way to market it!

    Has anyone tasted it yet?

    I would love to have some bottles of it.

    I collect glass bottles ~ antique and new.

  4. Hey, How’s it going?
    Are you going to arrest, torture and throw me into a filthy and foul smelling jail cell as well Moderator?

    And here I was under the impression your an advocate of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech!

    You could at least email me and tell me what I’ve done wrong.

    I promise I will actually check it!

    Something I don’t do often, I know.

    But like you say, exceptions can be made!

  5. KABBALAH is the mysticism of judaism.
    If you would like to know more about it – please check it out in wikipedia. Some say one shouldn’t treat it unrespectfully, one who would like to learn it’s secrets must gather enough experiance in life before he’s allowed, and only under the supervision of a master. It is said that a master of Kabbalah can do supernatural things.
    I wouldn’t like to have one of this on my house. Besides, although I think the bottel has a very smooth sexy design, all the idea around it is very paganic, childish and smell a little like anti-Semitism…

  6. Taupey wins a free trip to Berlin Olympic Games – I will personally write a letter of recommendation to be sent to Heinrich ASAP. I am sure he will be able to send a bunch of 100% Aryans to fulfill all of her needs.

    • 100% Aryan Slaves are best floor scrubbers and toilet cleaners around!

      They also good for reaching top shelf in closet.

      We gonna give some away at Christmas time to our minority friends.

      We know they will enjoy watching the 100% Aryan Slaves down on their hands and knees cleaning toilet bowl!

  7. If one of this “children” breaks, even a tiny bit, like an arm, and we have someone drinking broken glass. A bottle half full, you shake it and it’s done.

    Seems like a fantasy product to me. Asking the Oracle (google) seems that Englishrussia is the only source…

    In doubt, don’t take it seriously without an official manufacturer web page…

  8. This was put by islamofascists to stir up trouble between Christians and Jews. The EZ protocol is a lie, unlike the rape of babies and children by mus-scum. Its even written in their “holy” book on paedofile fantasies.

    But hey! Russia: you and your muslim comrades are 2 sides of the same coin. I can’t wait for the civil war that will tear you all apart.

  9. The Russians who came up with this were obviously drunk on Vodka when they came up with this. Sloshy sloppy drunks. Heard of the Ugly American? Now you have the Ugly Drunk Russian.

    • Hmmm, from the evidence, it appears to be the other way around. I think you have it backwards. BUT NO WAY AM I OR ANYONE I KNOW GOING TO FIGHT EACH OTHER.

      Identify your enemy, they are few and close in one place, Manhattan at the wall street brokerage houses, and that is who we will consider our treasonous enemy and kick them out of the country for good to never come back just like Iceland did and Argentina.

      Once gone we can reclaim everything including our gov from foreign control and interests.

    • Just make sure, if your going to do that, that you know who is the real culprit, it isn’t the judaian Jews of the Bible, its the Russian Khazars who are turks.

      They adopted the Jewish religion in about the 11 th century when they were being forced to pick either muslim or Catholic when both sides invaded and tried to force them to pick one or the other.

      They chose Judaism to stick a thumb in the eye of their conquerors. They then migrated to Europe and then Israel as the new leaders so pay attention to who you condemn, its not all of them, not the real Jews who are the problem.

      Here read this and see what these Khazars did to the real Jews of Israel that was worse than Hitler in that they betrayed them and helped to massacre them in order to get Palestine for themselves and they have been running it ever since.


      Be sure before you blanket condemn anyone.

  10. Kill All Paranoid Racist White Trash!
    Paranoid Racist White Trash love killing Americans and everyone else too!

    The World will not forget!

    • You seriously need to educate yourself. Not all those who call themselves Jews are jews, rather many are turks from the foothills of the Urals who migrated to eastern Europe when the lost their country.

      They are the ones creating the problem and not the real Jews of the Bible. Here is a quote by two such turks about the Biblical SEMITIC Jews of the Holy land.


      Various quotes by Hertzel, father of Zionism

      “Deutche Tsytung newspaper” Hertzel writes: “The Jews make countries fight each other and when they want, make peace. But whatever happens, they get rich from this.”

      “Zionism and Judaismm is not one thing but two different things. And of course two contradicting one another. Zionism starts at the place where Judaism is destroyed…one thing is certain, Zionism is not a continuation or healing of wounded Judaism, but rather an uprooting.” Chaim Chassas, in the newspaper of the Zionist’s, Ha’Arutz, 1943

      Now THAT is antisemitic spewing if I ever heard it…..better learn the difference since your life may well depend on it.

  11. To Mr. Antisemite above – people like you are the cowards who kill Americans – people like my JEWISH father are the ones who fought in America’s wars and risked their lives, so get cancer.

    I REALLY REALLY want this, how can I get it? I want the one with the kid sticking up his middle finger.
    but is it really real? if it is that stuff would go great in the States and in Israel too!!!!!!

    Thanks for this awesome post – I reposted it


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