32 thoughts on “To Give or not to Give?”

  1. I couldn’t imagine this happening elsewhere but has anyone ever done this, as how much do you “tip” them? $50(USD) too much?

    Makes sense- essentially you bought a traffic violation from the government, then it’s appropriate to leave a “tip” for the service.

    Also does Russia tax the violations like in the US? A 60 dollar violation here is cheap- it’s the taxes that end up making it a 260-300 dollar ticket!

    • Well, usually if You are russian you have to “tip” them about 100-150 russian roubles which does about 4 us dollars.
      The violation tickets are very expensive compared to the average salary: it might be 50-60 us dollars for a speed excess for example. Pretty high so it is easier to fat the policemen.
      Officialy policemen have very low salaries but non-officialy it is high: imagine if they do it 10 times a day it makes 800 us dollars a month. They can buy the datcha and have a nice rest during the vacations. Nobody like the policemen in Russia. I understand them.

      • The corruption is caused in part by the low salaries [so governmental fault]; same as in education [diploma’s are for sale] and legal system [judges are for sale]. Combine this with a 19th century peasant mentality and there is your problem. A completely rotten society where you can count on no-one en definately not on the government. Money buys everything.

        • Last week a traffic cop was caught for raping over a dozen women. He straight away admitted to 5 rapes [violent ones]. But:… his arrest and prosecution was postponed until two weeks later… he could do what he felt like. Like taking a hike to Siberia or Berlin.

          Welcome to Russia… the guy should have been castrated on a public square.

        • Thank You for the brief explanation of why corruption is so prevalent in the Russian Government Fake Kirov/Finnish? It makes perfect sense and I understand completely! 🙂

  2. Cops bribery was cured in eSStonia very effectivly. Every cop receives a percentage of the fine directly to his wages. So more fines you do, more additional money you will get honesty. And there is no scence for cops to risk their workplace. If you offer a bribe you’ll be convicted in bribery and receive a larger fine. Simple as that.

    • But later you’ll find the whole police station/authority try to make traps to make people to break rules, or keep silence when people breach the law then turn up and get huge fines. The thoughtful actions would be make all process transparent and open, e.g. paying fines via banks, third-party auditor randomly and anonymously deployed, and finally break the relationship between income and fines, than positive incentives and decrease in incidents, and adequate pay simultaneously.

  3. So… what are the chances that this will not work and I will be busted for trying to bribe the police ? (This is the likely outcome in America) What would be an appropriate sum for an American if for Russian it is 100-150 roubles ?

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