Afghan War Soldier Refresher


Back in the 80’s when the Soviet-Afghan War was burning hard and the Soviet Union was keeping the field, all Soviet soldiers in Afghan were given a refresher to know how to behave themselves in the alien society for them and how to carry themselves with strangers.


Bear head and dignity of being the citizen of the USSR high. Faithfully execute all the laws, requirements of the military oath, military regulations and follow the orders of commanding officers. To be conscientious in following one’s patriotic and international duties.


It is forbidden to come in contact with any unauthorized people.


It is forbidden to visit any state or private shops and markets and purchase there or from any other private citizens different things, groceries, drugs and alcohol.


One shouldn’t take off their clothes, take a tan and swim in the public eye or nearby any residential buildings. Such a behavior is incompatible with national and religious habits of the Afghans and will be considered as an offensive activity.


It is forbidden to enter any yards and houses of locals, look into the windows of their houses, into the eyes of women and talk with them.


It is forbidden to receive any kind of presents from locals and local authorities as well as make use of any gratuitous and free services.


One should always display highly attentive political behavior, always and everywhere to keep to secrecy order, do not carry on a conversation about any on-duty activities connected with life and combat activity of subdivisions in the presence of any unauthorized people.

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  1. In the USA, we just chant “Burn, Rape, Pillage”, until we are very tired, and then we get to shower with our buddies, and rub Army soap on each other.

  2. The difference between us americans and the former ussr is us americans were attacked by elements supported by the taliban and you russians just wanted to communize a weak nation . us americans liberate people and let them choose there path, not conquer and force them into a path.

  3. It’s an interesting post to see!

    I’m surprised the images are not serious, but are simple, childlike and animated.

    Thanks to photographer and ER admin for sharing!

    Sorry I can’t elaborate further.

    Right now I’m very tired and I feel like my mind is suffering from information overload.

    BTW where is Jason?

  4. The truth is the US is only there to guard the poppy fields. The world is flooded with heroin worse than ever, and the investment bankers that control the US government set it up this way be design. All that drug money makes its way into their hands! It is no problem to find soldiers returning from active duty tours in Afghanistan that will confirm they are merely guarding poppy fields. The soldiers are told it is so that the poppies won’t fall into the hands of the Taliban, but that is bogus, because the CIA has funded the Taliban from the beginning!

    And for several reasons… To mess with Russia while they were occupying Afghanistan. To profit $1.5 billion in defense contractor kickbacks while risking little or nothing against Russia (because the Afghans did the fighting)… To occupy the area, so they can run an oil pipeline out of the area… And now to control the majority of the worlds opium supply.

    The CIA loves laundered drug money for their funding, because it is invisible to the public, unaccountable and many, many other reasons.

    Doubt what I say? Just follow the money, and don’t be so naive! The puppet government and investment firms controlling it is NOT YOUR PAL!

    • Yes, cia, you are probably correct. The US involvement in Afghan is totally effed. If the US really wanted to kill all of the Taliban they could do it in 2 months…..not fifteen years as the US military predicts.

      The current US foreign policy is ….War Without End, with endless profits for Blackwater and the contractors.

  5. Ximlania
    Are you serious? US regular Army like every regular military forces in the World is unable to conduct an operation agaist partisans appearing here and there. US Army keeps the field in certain regions rich with oil, but not the whole territory of Aphanistan and not the epicenter of terrorism – the main threat to the World.
    Then again, didn`t you notice the way USA fights? Firstly you “hornets” are bombing the territory heavily, erase everything down to the ground (blood $ bones & iron is mixed) and then your brave rangers never find an enemy to fight with. If you are keeping abreast of the Afgan news, take pains to find (just for yourself) how many Army and Navy guys as well deserted the colours from the very beginning of the campaign.
    Remember one thing – there no winners, and the war is only just only but a grieve 🙁
    P.S. Think of the US mothers waiting for their sons to return and ask them what they think about it.

    • I’m a US Mother with a son who is a Marine over there.

      I promised him flight school, ground school, a condo, new car and jeep and everything and anything else I could think of to try to get him to not drop out of college and enlist in the military.

      But that son of mine made up his mind and joined the Marines.

      I respect him for doing all he has done and I support him but I don’t have to like it and I don’t.

      I hate it with a passion like I have never hated anything before in this life.

  6. Ever since the jews took control of the US we have been acting like a nation with no morals.You think is an accident that the jews bought ALL TV, newspaper and movie companies?Please.Now they blatantly bribe politicians under the guise of “lobbying.”I wouldnt believe if I didnt see first hand.THE JEWS NEED TO START ACTING HUMAN.

  7. I’m having a little bit of trouble viewing your site in Safari, but it may just be my computer. Apart from that, I love your site. I plan on browsing around and checking out some more posts!


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