A Terrifying Smash-up


A dreadful thing happened last week. One of the fastest express trains of the whole Russia, Nevsky Express, which was going from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg and having more than 600 passengers on its board was blew up. At 9:34 pm, when train was going somewhere near Aleshinka – Uglovka towns, 7 kilos of TNT which were buried under the tracks detonated and as a result of which the train was derailed.


Two last cars of the train were derailed and underwent heavy damages because they were pulled along the tracks for more than 500 feet. Two hours after when the crew of medics and policemen were inspecting the scene of the accident and rescuing injured people, the second bomb detonated. Such a method of “Double blowing-up” is very popular thing among North-Caucasian militants and investigators assume that this act of terrorism was their work of their hands.

As a result of the accident more than 25 people were killed, more than 90 injured and 6 are unaccounted for. And these are just the official figures. Such a big number of casualties and injured people was originated because the train was an express one and could pick up the speed of 150 miles per hour. All the seats in the train were sitting ones and it led to such a high number of victims.

Such a case of train blowing-up is not first in the history of Russia. For the past 6 years two similar express trains circulating from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow and vice versa suffered identical accidents. But back then death toll was not so astonishing high as it is now and it makes this very case to be the biggest and the cruelest act of train terrorism in the history of modern Russia.































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    • Having worked as a paramedic in the military I must say, there are situations where you cannot have and do not need everyone and their brother up your butt trying to help especially when they are not trained in rescuing and extracting injuried people because they can cause more problems than anything else!

      I want to add that these men and women may have been following orders and posted around the scene for a very good reason!
      We were not there and we certainly do not know every little detail!

      Maybe the shocked and extremely upset passengers didn’t realize that there may be reasons why they weren’t helping.

      I was enlisted in the USAF, I was married to two Naval Officers and my son is a Marine, anyone in the military or has had military experience will tell you, when you are givin an order, you follow it!

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          Here you go again trying to create something out of nothing just so you can fight with someone who happens to like Russia and Russians and are proud to have Russian Blood coursing through their veins!

          Get over it or GFY! 🙂

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  1. ‘….Such a method of “Double blowing-up” is very popular thing among North-Caucasian militants and investigators assume that this act of terrorism was their work of their hands.’

    That sounds like a reasonable assumption, but I also wouldn’t rule out Russian Neo-Nazi’s doing this to play agent provocateur to blame the North- Caucasians.

    Either way, I still hope whoever did it gets caught quickly. –My sincerest condolences to those who were injured, as well as the families of those who were killed.

  2. Guess it is much easier for the terrorists to attack a train than an aircraft.
    IIRC, the official statement was that they used “a homemade explosive” (probably ANFO?) equal to 7 kg of TNT, not TNT.

    • Are you in so hurry????don`t prejudge the sad “incident”.this act of “terror” is also the example of bad old tactic of “counter measure” against the enemy of the state.soon or later we will know about the “terrorists”.also i pay the respect to all of those who lost their lives in “operation,code name;erbant3” or sad train accident.

  3. This is sickening to see this and know it was all done deliberately.

    It would of been bad enough if it were just an accident.

    May these people who died rest in peace.
    My heart goes out to their family and friends.

  4. Sorry but they were not Muslim buddy, you fukin rascist scumbag. They are Russia’s own.

    “Police hunt bomber behind Russian train crash -radical neo-Nazi group, Combat 18”


  5. If the people who did this lived here in Rio de Janeiro, they would not be penalized so harshly. On the contrary, after some years of sentence they probably would be free to spend the day in the streets, robbing banks, killing people, selling crack and shooting down police helicopters with military weapons, and then just return to jail at night to sleep.

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  6. it is a shame to do these things which aiming at civilians!
    damn coward terrorists!
    wish russian friends live in harmony

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  8. The BBC’s saying Islamists did it:

    “A North Caucasus Islamist group has claimed responsibility for a bomb that killed 26 people on a Moscow-to-St Petersburg train, a website says. The website claim on Kavkazcenter.com said last Friday’s attack was carried out by the “Caucasian Mujahadeen” on the orders of its leader, Doku Umarov. He is described as one of Russia’s most wanted rebels, but it was not possible to verify the claim’s authenticity.”


    I have a feeling he won’t be for this world much longer.

  9. Yura – It would be an honour to join [others], to stand up for a country that is in trouble. Unfortunately, i am not in Russia – you could say that at some point of time i chose my personal comfort and well being over the needs of my homeland – but i can contribute ideologically and in many “other” ways; we are capable of putting up a good fight and a good fight is due.

  10. I hope the Russian people can catch the criminals responsible.

    No amount of terrorism will ever make us give in. It’s just not possible. When terrorists murder unarmed women and children, they don’t make us afraid, they make us angry.

  11. Can someone tell us about the “state terrorism”?when governments act ruthless,inhuman,above the all universal laws violations,no one cry on that.murder is murder,no matter what did it.state terrorism is the key factor to do counter insurgensy and “terrorism”.bring the all to justice and safe the world.

  12. Its funny how before the attacks on the London tube, British people/press referred to these extremists as ‘rebels’, now they are terrorists.

  13. Be cautious.. Every violent act in thought, word, emotion,etc only gives birth to another violent act – it´s literally a cosmic law. Only establishing divine peace in our hearts&minds will deliver peace around us. Every crime must be punished, but, for the sake of our children´ future, try to live according to divine laws, not politicians-written. Yogananda showed an example, just to mention one.. Greetings to all Slavic brothers and sisters from Croatia.

  14. A very appropriate choice from the website authors to remove the slogan “just because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth surface.”


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