Northern Urals Waterfalls


Many of us often forget about marvelous places nearby and prefer going to the world’s end to enjoy beautiful nature. Let’s virtually visit such an unimpaired place in the Northern Ural Mountains.16


Jigalan waterfalls are doubtless one of the most beautiful ones in the region. Such unimaginable beauty is worth overcoming 520 km. This series of cascades is located on the Jigalan river which is only 8 kilometers long (pretty typical for a river in steep mountains). It springs from snowfields at the Kvarkush plateau and flows into the Uls River. Such a short river has 700 meters difference in elevation of the source and outfall and that’s why there are plenty of waterfalls on these 8 kilometers. The river literally falls into the valley. Sure it’s not Niagara, but the region is Northern Urals not Northern America.


There are five groups of cascades on Jigalan. The most beautiful of them are the three lower ones. Here water falls down from over than 10 meters. The river seethes so loud that it’s hard to hear anyone near to you.


A pretty good pathway lies along the Jigalan River. It has a kind of platforms in the front of waterfalls comfortable to contemplate and take some pictures of this beauty.

Jigalan waters are as clear as they’re cold – it can’t be different in this type of mountain river. All the way of the river its bed is rocky. In several places it narrows forming marvelous canyons. Water rushes between the cliffs and falls down of boulders. And there’s nothing around but severe coniferous taiga. And even in the end of June you can find snowy glades here.

Several hours are enough to get imbued with the energy of the lower stream cascades and their beauty. Taking all these emotions with them visitors usually make their way upstream towards the Kvarkush plateau. This path runs through sloughing rocky flanks and gives the visitors additional portion of adrenaline. And when you full with excitement and delight finally get to the plateau your emotions overflow. Overview from here is stunning – the whole Main Ural Ridge is spread before the eyes.


The Jigalan River area is a rather popular place for visiting not only by tourists but by local residents on weekend picnics as well. But still this area remains pretty wild. Some locals report on seeing here a lynx, a bear family and several elks at night when people leave their rest places. These are the rare occasions when nature is so close to us.

These are exceptional nature sites! Very beautiful sites! It’s a pity we very seldom find some time to feel ourselves in nature and nature in us.

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  1. These Ural Mountains falls maybe loud in life but in pictures they are serenely beautiful.

    The natural pools of the falls also look inviting but are probably very cold.

    This is good lesson about some things are not as they appear especially at distance and through someone else’s eyes.

    I thank you for this beautiful post!


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