11 thoughts on “Russian Carousel”

    • You know why? They did it American style, Not Russian style!!
      Just Kidding, I saw in the 2nd video the kids flew off the carousel!! I sure hope they are okay, they’re lucky they didn’t fly right into the guy’s motor scooter.

  1. That last video featuring the kids on the ’roundabout’ and the Chav on the moped, was actually filmed in Southern England in 2003. Not Russia.

  2. Yeah I can confirm that last vid too. Its defo one that i’ve seen here in the UK a while back.

    Gus from cost of pet insurance

  3. Judging from the comments, there is a lot of confusion between some of the video clips and their countries of origin.

    There is a longer version of this clip on some other sites and they do speak English not Russian, in case anyone was wondering.

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