Moscow City in Fog

Moscow City in Fog

Today our dish is picturesque photos taken from one of the balconies of the business complex “Mirax Plaza” in Moscow.

Moscow City in Fog 2

So, let us begin. The Third traffic ring. Dorogomilovsky highway bridge is spanned over the Moscow river. Initially it used to be Smolensky railway bridge used to span two stations – Kutuzovo and Testovskaya on the smaller ring of the Moscow railway in Byelorussian direction. Then in 1998 with the beginning of the international centre “Moscow-City” construction the railway platform of the bridge was dismantled, its bearings were modernized and a new double-deck platform was set up: on top are the lines for cars and lower are the lines for high-speed trains from Sheremetyevo in the centre and for pedestrians on the periphery. The urban beauty as it is.

Moscow City in Fog 3

The view of “Moscow-City” itself. On up front is the complex “Embankment tower”, it used to be the highest, now the leadership belongs to a multifunctional complex “Capital City”. As the overpass is narrowing, there is a terrible jamming in the “Moscow-City” area. And now the overpass is actively being widened.

Moscow City in Fog 4

Moscow City in Fog 5

Moscow City in Fog 6

And here is the “Northern Tower”, one of the ugliest buildings in the Moscow International Business Centre. It is constructed in the manner of “a yacht” and it looks especially awful when multi-colored lighting is on. It seems that the terrible giant starts smiling with its toothless wonder smile. Cute colorful lights, cheap composite panels, merry blue glass, what else for the modern Moscow architecture? Only such a tutti-frutti picture.

Moscow City in Fog 7

The traffic interchange of Kutuzovsky Avenue with the Third traffic ring. That is a unique for Moscow five-level system providing traffic of cross transportation flow. The Moscow wonder has been built for 23 months.

Moscow City in Fog 8

Moscow City in Fog 9

Moscow City in Fog 10

Many design conceptions are rather enigmatic. Thus it is not clear what for these nice sheds have been made. And what is the purpose of these flowerbeds, benches and alleys on the junctions? It is really hard to imagine people who would like to take a walk here.

Moscow City in Fog 11

By the way, the skyscrapers are very beautiful in fog embracing their upper floors. Time seems to stop when you look at it. But the fog won’t prevent us from peeping in the windows. Well, what’s there? Let’s zoom in a little. Aha, the working day is over but someone is still on the “groupmates” website.. And let us not have a look in the windows of the government house…for some ethical reasons. We’d better admire the foggy scenery again, all the same – the skyscrapers in the fog are gorgeous.

Moscow City in Fog 12

Moscow City in Fog 13

Moscow City in Fog 14

Moscow City in Fog 15

Moscow City in Fog 16

Moscow City in Fog 17

Moscow City in Fog 18

Moscow City in Fog 19

Moscow City in Fog 20

Moscow City in Fog 21

Moscow City in Fog 22

Moscow City in Fog 23

Moscow City in Fog 24

Moscow City in Fog 25

Moscow City in Fog 26

Moscow City in Fog 27

Moscow City in Fog 28

Moscow City in Fog 29

Moscow City in Fog 30

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  1. A telescope or binoculars, a bottle of vodka, a six-paper joint and about six hours to kill would make that a great place to hang out.

    Oh yeah, you would need some cool ambient tunes as well. Better bring the iPod.

    • EstonianRussian,

      Our friend Tamnay is from Mumbai and he said that Mumbai isn’t a better place than Moscow.

      I don’t remember him saying anything about the other place! Maybe he don’t know about that one.

      • Your old friend Tamnay is probably from Chenay and he never been in Mumbai. How he can say that Moscow is nicer then Mumbai. Look at this:
        Mumbai is also much richer then Moscow:

  2. Don’t listen to EstonianRussian. I was in Moscow a few months ago. It does not look so bad. Some areas are nicer than others. This neighborhood looked nice, as it is near Victory Park. The area around Sheremetyevo airport looks like it is stuck in the 1970’s, though. Nicer than some American cities I have been to, like St. Louis. Now that city, especially East St. Louis, looks like Mogadishu. Look it up.

  3. Real Moscow (not in fog)

    Sasha-Pasha, have you seen anything similar in St. Louis?

  4. Real Moscow (not in fog)

    Sasha-Pasha, have you seen anything similar in St. Louis?

  5. Big cities aint my cup of tea but this certainly looks metropolitan and busy. Interesting shot of the photographer holding the tripod against the ceiling?

  6. I was in Moscow a few months ago. It does not look so bad. Some areas are nicer than others. This neighborhood looked nice, as it is near Victory Park.

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