Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Klavdievskaya factory is one of not many that produced Christmas-tree decorations in Soviet period. The factory was founded in 1949 in Klavdievo, near Kiev and first was specialized on laboratory glass products. In 50’s it started to profile in producing Christmas-tree decorations. Almost all of the production is exported (about 96%) to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, USA and etc. and only 4% stays in Ukraine. Let’s see how the process of making Christmas-tree decoration looks like.

Christmas Decorations 2

Christmas Decorations 3

The first phase of decoration production is a ball or other decoration glass-blowing from the tube with the height of 1.5 m.

Christmas Decorations 4

Christmas Decorations 5

First the tube is heated up till 1.5 thousand degrees and then is pulled out into the thin long tubes. Then the decoration is blown out. Delicacy of this job for glass-blower is to take as much air into the lungs as it’s necessary for the decoration of the certain diameter. For one shift the master can make up to 200 Christmas-tree decorations.The second stage is silvering. Silver oxide, ammonia and distilled water in a certain proportion are injected into the decoration.

Christmas Decorations 6

Christmas Decorations 7

Christmas-tree decoration with this mixture is put into hot water, the reaction happens and silver is vaporized fortifying on inner walls. Decoration is shaken up several times after that so silver could run evenly. After that the rest of water is poured out. The third phase is painting. Silver-plated decorations are wiped and dipped into paint. Painted decorations go to the oven and get dry under the lamps.

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Christmas Decorations 9

The fourth phase is artistic design. Artists draw the certain picture on the decoration. To have the sparkling design first the glue is put on the ball and afterwards it is sprinkled with the sparkles. Every artist can draw all over from 50 to 100 of Christmas-tree decorations a day. The fifth phase is end-cutting. It is done with the diamond circle.

Christmas Decorations 10

Christmas Decorations 11

Christmas Decorations 12

All is left is just to put well-known caps with eyes…and its ready to pack! And at the end here are some examples from the whole variety of the Christmas-tree decorations, produced at this factory.

Christmas Decorations 13

Christmas Decorations 14

Christmas Decorations 15

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  1. Now that I see the face behind the work, I will really think about each bulb and admire that the person takes that much time to make them and how nice they are. I will treat them very carfully because someday the people may not make them but instead a machine. Thank you crafts people for a beautiful decoration.

  2. Very interesting. I didn’t realize all of the hands on work that’s required to make them. Nice to see it being done like this instead of a “machine” turning out the ornaments.

  3. Pic #24: I see small photo of Yulia Timoshenko on drawing desk. What for? Do they paint her face on Christmas balls? Or do they get inspired by her to paint these cat figures?

    Looks it’s pretty cold there, everybody with coats.

  4. I will be happy to let you know. We use to go eat breakfast together quite often. She was one of the two most beautiful drag queens I’ve ever seen. The other one was in Tucson.

    • Au contraire, Bob. What you see is a typical Russian “factory.” Substandard electrical wiring, no fire supression system, no ventilation of toxic gasses, etc… All wrapped up in a marginal to begin with and decrepit ex-Stalinist flat! What could be more Russian than that!

  5. I’ve heard that there is a spray that is supposed to help with the wax burning too fast from a woodwick candle set, is this true?

  6. What a beautiful collection of photographs about the Klavdievskaya factory making Christmas ornaments and decorations. We in America have also lost most of our maufactoring and production to other counties

  7. Holly cow I had no idea those were hand made! Amazing ornaments, and love that camera lens…I need to get a wide lens like that. Nice post.


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