35 thoughts on “The Church Artist”

  1. Beautiful work, I wonder how the church was able to pay him for his work, being generally broke a dome artist must take a toll on their finances.

  2. The problem with this post is there aren’t enough pictures!

    Ivan Shishman’s paintings are beautiful and fascinating.

    I would pay money to travel, stay and sit and watch this artist paint like this.

    His name is easy to remember, any relation?

    Thanks to everyone involved for this post!

  3. These are wonderful paintings!

    His wife and little children are so charming.

    I wonder if that’s their home or are they staying at the church? Who is that person laying down, a priest, a family member like mother? This is so intersting.

    Sometimes EnglishRussia is like a lot of foreplay without sex!
    Thanks for delightful foreplay!

  4. Although he contributed the creation many beautiful church paintings, Will God forgive his occasional drinking when that man stands before God?

    (P.S) I don’t know the restiction of Russian Orthodox Church for its believer. But Dringing is not forbidden?
    To my knowledge, I read in bible that drinking consists of “sin”. If I am right, almost every adult russian would be the offender of God’s forbidding!!(Because almost all of them drinks) Then everyone has to predict his or her time of death and has never fail to repent before priest about one’s sin of lifelong drinking to avoid Hell!

  5. my best friend has been in an Anger Management class for 2 months now, he improved a lot when dealing with anger.;`’

  6. i think the church artistism is boring, the same faces and the same themes all the time – christ and god, it’s not an art, it’s a waste of time in a world of illusions.


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