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There were lots of articles about some plants and factories, but unfortunately most of them were deserted and abandoned. Today we will bring you an insight into the equally time-worn and moth-eaten plant but just with one little difference. It is not abandoned. At least not to the death.


I bet every one of you sometimes wanted to find something out about coalmines. How it is there, underground, and how all those things work. Now you have an opportunity and you won’t surely miss it.

This facility is a quite old coalmine that is situated in Tula region though its name doesn’t complies with its location at all. Podmoskovnaya mines, what means Moscow region coalmine. Oddly enough.

Its depth is 70 meters (~230 feet). At the present time a total of 80 employers are at the factory. When the facility opened for the first time, in 70’s, the staff amounted to 1800 workers. While entering the mine intending to go underground there are lots of signs hanging around you and stating: Security is above all; Smoking is a crime here; Don’t forget about instructions and uniform and etc.

There is one funny thing when you have already managed to get underground. It’s a room which workers call “the acclimatization room”. You can see the shots below. Such a thing needed to adopt you for a mine’s atmosphere because it is rather oppressive down there.

The delivering of coal along the mine is realized with the help of trolleys and mini railroad running all the way long the mine. And it is 7 miles long, my friends. When you reach the very end of the mine you can see the huge monster, harvester, which mines coal itself.

But there is one serious issue popped up not so lately. As the popularity of coal is ceasing little by little, the mines starting lose its working staff. And it is already deep in red. If the electric power will be disabled at the factory because of the debts, the mines will be sink in about 6 hours. And this is a real shame, guys.



















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  1. The first photo looked like strange light until I figured out it was long time lapse exposure. That is how tunnel seems fully lit throughout length.

  2. 70 meters… I once visited a now closed down mine in Belgium where they were digging at more than 800 meters below surface. It took an extremely fast lift to take you in 66 seconds to the lowest parts of the mine. I wonder why in Russia they needed an acclimatisation room, I’ve never seen this in that Belgian mine.

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