Fishing All the Secrets Out


Who is this weird-looking man on the picture? Why he has such a funny beard and glasses? What is he doing in this article, on the very main page and how does it connected with Russia?
And more importantly, what’s wrong with this vest of his and why the hell he needs so many pockets on it? Fishing all the secrets out.


Most likely you have already heard from somewhere that there is such a person in Russia as Anatoliy Wasserman. He is very famous all round Russia because he is a participant and longstanding winner of a quite popular TV mind game which is called “Svoya Igra”. The game is a counterpart of American TV-game “Jeopardy”.

There are lots of rumors and facts circulating all over Russian internet about this man. For an instance, they say that Onotole (that’s how Russian bloggers community call him) is a convinced atheist. Or that he doesn’t shave his beard since 25 November, 1985. During intensive TV mind games Anatoliy eats a lot of chocolate to maintain his response rate. Sometimes he drinks alcohol after the games to calm his tensions. Also, he is 56-year virgin. At the age of 17 he has given a vow of chastity. When someone asks him why does he keep his vow still, Anatoliy answers that he never breaks his promises.

And the most interesting thing in this guy, of course besides his beard, is his vest. It has 26 pockets and weights 7 kilograms (~16 pounds). But what does Wasserman has in all of these pockets? Someone guesses that there are even oil or gold in them. Someone tells that the vest is a source of his mind power, and that Anatoliy keeps rest of his brain there, because it’s so big that it can’t be placed in the head entirely.

So, one of the Russian magazines conducted a study and decided to fish all the truth out about the pockets of its editor.













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    • I don’t know. This man is not right. His clothes are filthy. Maybe that’s one reason he’s still virgin. I don’t want to think about that. Now I go downstairs to drunk beer with the nice cute Sailors! Don’t cry Boris, maybe you can join us sometime! Gotta go!

    • LMAO this is not my comment!

      Yes, both my first and second husbands had Jewish ancestry but they were also fine looking daddys!

      I should say my first husband (who’s my ex-husband) still is a fine looking daddy because he’s still living!

      I do not find this man attractive what-so-ever!

      And I like my mens intelligent too.

      This poor guy might have some form of autism and OCD.

      He might also have a low harmone level which would explain his lack of sexual interest. 😛

  1. Nerd #1 of Russia.
    Better: Nerd #1 of the world!
    Better again: Übernerd of the Universe! No one can match!

    For sure social interation is not a concern for him…

  2. You know you can email me Mr. Fulmen. I’m a very quiet person believe it or not! I’m also harmless, well I would fight back if I were attacked. I have fallen in love with non-sailors! I fell in love with Elton John when I was 12. I taught myself to play some of his songs on piano. You know this is suppose to go both ways. I still love Elton not like I use to. We’re you born in England?


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