Distilled Water Machine

Distilled Water 12

Municipal journalists were preparing a report about a local constructor. He showed some of his works and one of them was the machine for water purification. Let’s watch!

Anton Ivanovich Reznikov is 68 years old, he was a production engineer all his life and even after getting retired he didn’t leave his favorite job. In a tiny kitchen of his one bedroom apartment he made a real machine to purify water (don’t confuse with the home-brew machine). Bulky but very effective machine turns dirty tap water into absolutely pure, ready to use water. The inventor doesn’t keep machine’s plan secret but quite the contrary offers everyone to make one of those for themselves and forget about bad water forever.

Distilled Water

Pic.1 Ionizer. Water follows a hose and comes to a vessel with silver(in this case it’s a silver watch and a couple of silver teeth). On this stage water structure restores and it saturates with silver ions. For the better effect a blue quartz lamp is directed at the vessel.

Distilled Water 2

Pic.2 Magnet bottle. Plastic bottle with magnets (author used refrigerator magnets). A metal surplus is getting removed from water.

Distilled Water 3

Pic.3 Pipe coal filter. Plastic pen bodies are stuffed with activated charcoal. Coal is a very good sorbent.

Distilled Water 4

Pic.4 Mineralizer store. 5-liter jerrican is with the natural stones to give a natural taste to water.

Distilled Water 5

Pic.5 Sound regenerator. The old tape-recorder is tied up to a jerrican and the classic music influences water in a good way.

Distilled Water 7

Pic.6 Grain saturation. Funnel made from the plastic bottle neck is filled with the grains to give water an incomparable taste of Russian fields.

Distilled Water 8

Pic.7 Thermal tunnel. A metal pipe is wrapped around a battery, where water is warmed up to 70 degrees (Celsius) and all microbes are killed.

Distilled Water 9

Pic.8 Box of layer purification. A plastic box filled with different layers of soil and the flower on the top.

Distilled Water 10

Pic.9 Not great pitcher. Finally, water got through the whole cycle and is ready to be used, but first cool it down in a freezer. Be healthy!

Distilled Water 11

Pic. 10 The pipes go to the neighbor’s window.

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    • The music part is very important, the water holds information as you know(I hope 🙂 ). There is a book called: “Hidden messages on the water” or something like that. Also there is a russian documentary movie about water holding the information. Very interesting stuff!!!

  1. Thank you EnglishRussia peoples for the new post.

    You guys bout sent me over the edge into the endless abyss of homesickness with the last post on those glorious haul trucks!

    Being the sw desert rat that I am, I don’t need any help going there…this cold wet windy nor’easter here on the east coast is enough!

    Keep them incredible posts coming. But please no more lovely haul trucks with heavenly dry warm desert posts for the time being! Thank You again!

  2. People are very fascinated by water!

    Someone claims that water is materialized consciousness. Well, it behaves like a fluid brain, can store memory, reacts on sounds … even many days after exposure these influences become visible when the water froze to crystals (russia in dark mentioned the title of the book!).

  3. This is a good idea for the drinking water-other than boiling the brownish tap water.Now maybe something could be done about the water to shower in.Russian water has a wierd smell.

  4. If this man was real inventor, he would invent himself some new glasses.

    Do his neighbors understand the are drinking filter toilet water?

  5. Outstanding!
    what a wonderfully simple
    method purify and re-structure water
    to impart “good energy” into it.

    Americans should take note, as within
    two years, we will be knocked back into
    the stone age in more ways than one.

    Using silver impart a positive charge
    and disinfect the water (most important to use
    pure silver .999 or better. Silver compounds
    and esp sterling silver(has nickel) are toxic.

    -although, since he is not using the silver
    in electrolysis, which would force out
    ions of any impurities as well,
    935 sterling silver should be ok to use
    as it’s overall energy signature is
    still that of silver.

    1oz .9999 Silver Canadian maples leaf
    or similar coins are perfect.

    His method will NOT turn you blue.
    (note: the Russians were first to use
    silver colloid to purify the water recyclers
    on their MIR space station (which is now also
    adopted by the I.S.S)

    using tap water, “Salting” the water
    to speed up the process, or making silver
    particles that are too large (using high current)
    are what cause the blue skin..and only
    over a long period of time.

    *Pure* silver is none toxic.


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