How these giants are being made


Cars are absolutely different. There are some very small cars like smart and also there are really big cars. Really goddamn big cars like these BELAZ ones. They are made for above-ground means, and each of them is a real rock handler.


Many mines in different countries are in need of such trucks, but some of the countries are not so large and machine production isn’t developed so well to make such big and difficult cars. And Belarus machine-building plant BELAZ have lots of its offsprings being exported to different countries of the world every year.

Yeah, that’s cool, you would say. But how the hell they ship these sturdy trucks? Because an each bird is 35 (!!!) feet long, 25 feet wide and 26 feet high. Well, usually they deliver them by air or by train. Each truck consumes 3 platform-cars of space. And here is some shots of how these BELAZ cars are being assembled:

At first they mount engine with front wheels to the case of a truck. Then installing rear wheels and mounting front axle group. After the platform and front wheels’ tyres need to be installed. And that is almost all, just a few details and the truck is ready for work. Only cabin, hydraulics and loading platform are left. By the way, loading platforms are shipped to the destination cut into several parts because they’re too heavy and workers of a factory burn them together on the spot.

And the car is steady. Total weight of such a super-duty truck is 130 tonnes (something around 260,000 pounds).

During the first start-up of an each car, engine makes such an awful noise that the human ear can barely stand it.

















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17 thoughts on “How these giants are being made”

  1. I wonder if these were assembled in 8 hours to a day, it’s neat to see they engineered them to be stripped down & easibly shipped then re-assembled on site.

    Belaz is a better make than Caterpillar from what I’ve read.

  2. Them Haul Trucks are just the baby one’s!
    Y’all really shouldn’t drive them thangs round them little pedestrans cause ya libal to sqeesh one of em likea pancake!

    And another thang y’all ain’t seen nothin if ya ain’t seen one of them big ma fukers slidin sideways down a rain soaked mountain dirt road right at cha and ya in nothin but some little piece of sheate F150…thata cure ya constipation!

  3. Makes you revert back to being a 6-year-old when you thought every truck was Tonka sized, until you see a giant one like that. Very cool.

  4. I used to have to drive these off the RORO ships down in NZ when they came in as s/h imports out of Japan – the biggest I drove was CAT 785C and we had to jump start it with a guy in an excavator bucket.


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