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  1. Very nice pictures! I am frequently impressed by the photography & photographers on the internet these days from Russia and former Soviet countries. This site certainly opens the mind to what vast and varied countries they are. It is so good to have this line in past what the media politics shows us.

    • Except that Latvia has nothing to do with Russia and it’s generally considered a bad tone to label them “ex-Soviet countries” 20 years later; it’s like calling the Netherlands “former Third Reich”. It was just a brutal occupation.

      • My apologies, it did cross my mind after I posted that that phrasing might upset some people. Hopefully my point though was not missed. My family came from Latvia and Russia and I enjoy visiting this site.

      • Agree with you, but us, latvians, really don’t like that we are called russians or ex-soviet country. And we are not denying that we have nothing to do with Russia. We just wouldn’t mind to not have anything common with Russia.

      • we were 700 years under Germany, 200 years under Russia (later USSR) and some periods under Polland,Sweden,Ancient Lithuania. We have been sovereign only in 1918-1940 and later from 1991-till now. despite all these centuries under somebody we still have our culture, traditions, language, many different dialects. that’s why we are proud nation. and don’t say that we should forget all these years, it’s impossible, in WWI 60% of our men died for independent country, in 1941 germans sold us to russia (molotov-ribetrop pact) and thousands of families end up in siberia (russians trasported them into stockcars by train). it is something the world cannot ask to forget. it’s have been a genocide to a harmless nation. and after all this we still allow to live here all of the occupant children and they can’t even learn our language in spite they are living here in more than 3 generations.

        • Im latvian too. I hate people who try to deny our history. Latvia was part of the USSR like it our not. Latvians competed for USSR in the olympics and so on. Russians have lived in Latvian present territory for centuries, they dont deserve to be labeled “children of occupants”. Many Russians do speak Latvian and do it very well. The fact that some russians do not feel at home in Latvia and harbour anti-latvian sentiments is a partial responsibility of state of Latvia. Latvians were also in the russian empire and the state Duma. Principal opponents of Latvian independence were Germans in 1918-1919. and had been from 12 century till 1918 de facto rulers and if you like “occupants” of Latvian land, yet we still seem to adore Germans and their culture whilst at the same time disregard the awsome achievements of Russian science and culture. ethnically baltic people ar closer to slavs than to germans. So please lets stop this hypocrisy and stop harbour resentment about times long passed.

        • And please for the Gods sake do NOT EQUATE RUSSIANS WITH SOVIETS. Soviet union was made up of communists of many nationalities INCLUDING LATVIANS. Communists were ideologues who tried to create a state based on Marxist – Leninist principles and followed their guidelines to the letter – like destroying kulaks and bourgeoisie and creating a new society. To say that just Russians were responsible for deportations is just WRONG. Many local communists help to prepare lists of people to be deported. Some latvian communists even complained that not enough bourgeois were deported. STALIN was a GEORGIAN not Russian try to remember.

    • So sad that still there are people (mostly Russians) who consider Latvia to be under Russia patronage.
      1) I do not understand why these pictures are here in the web site englishrussia.com? Yet Latvia is free and independent and there is nothing to do with Russia. They are two absolutely different countries. Latvia is a country with its own borders, native inhabitants – Latvians, their own language, culture etc.
      2) And, please change the keywords in the header “Russian nature”. Latvia IS NOT Russia. And will never be! Do not misinform the people!

  2. Does this country ever have summer? Maybe 2 weeks per year?

    Where can we find these photos in high resolution? I’d really like them as wallpaper.

    • Don’t talk if don’t know anything. Ehh.. Im latvian and I live in Latvia. Outside today (23 May 2010) is about +25 and this weather will last till end of september.
      Use this –> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latvia 😉

  3. This site publishes a lot of pictures from countries which have nothing to do with today´s Russia – except that they are/were subject of Putler´s spiteful propaganda. It seems the frequency of pictures concerning the Baltic Countries decreased, while the number of those ridiculing Ukraine increased lately. Guess it reflects the change of Putler´s hate-propaganda.

  4. Great shots.

    Though, happy those wonderful photographers escaped the patronage of Russia.

    Still, why Latvia is still published in English _RUSSIA_???

    • Looks like photographer is also a fan of Russia because in one of pictures there is Russian writer Pushkin who has absolutely no relation to Latvia (except this monument in Riga). So this gives political context to these beautiful pictures. Unfortunately most of the Russians living in Baltic countries still would like to have them to be in “patronage of Russia”. I assume this is why pictures of Baltic countries are published in this site.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Aside from the squirrel with the really hairy ears and the European city shot, I would almost mistake it for Maine.

  6. Thanks for the pictures.
    I miss the time that I spend in Latvia.
    Beautiful landscapes and great girls :).
    Where can I see more pictures? thanks

  7. Beautiful photographs! Very talented photographer. Except for Photo #25, they all look like where I live in the northeast of the US. If you told me they were taken here in New England (as the northeast is known) I would believe you.

  8. dear owners of this site. thank you for reminding us that you occupied our country whole 70 years ago and didnt go away for 50 of them. thank you for reminding that you killed vast majorities of latvians calling them traitors kulaks etc while in democratic system they were considered on of the best sons and daughters of this country. and also thank you for making people around the world think that latvia is no different than russia while it has always been except for these 50 years when you with agression and force were trying to make us not to be.
    id suggest you to start post topics concerning autumns social events etc from finland all eastern europe (poland, czech republic, slovakia, bulgaria etc) eastern germany (including berlin) to remind also them not only us the events that happened to them durind WW2 and also centurys ago like the spread of russian empire for instance. dont you remember the good all 1721? yeah those were the times. maybe then world will start to think that these countries also are fe facto russia.

    • Theese pictures are taken in Vidzeme – northern Latvia. Ventspils is in other side of country, that’s why you haven’t seem anything like this. 😉

  9. Hello!
    I from latvia
    Latvia is very buteful but we have some problem and problems is:
    In latvia is many russians
    and latvians doesnt have a much money 🙁

  10. i’m in love with Latvia.
    the most poferful pictures are from the mornings with the mist, that is the thing i love the most – mist at the summer mornings,mm…

  11. Some1 I am not a city boy I was in mach countries, and place, There nature is just like in town and nature is almost same, so pist off.

  12. i’m quite surprised to see my photo here 🙂 although it didn’t qualify for the prize places on a contest, it’s good some people find it among the best depictions of Latvian autumn.

    7th picture from the end – The Gauja river 🙂

  13. “Pohas” in latvian means “hangover” 😀 so we can understand, why Pohas9 have never seen sights like that 😀

  14. Hi, great photographs from Latvia. What about the author? My collegue from professional photography school shared this link with great photographs. Great job.

  15. Stop blame on Russia and Russians every misfortune that happens to Latvia. Latvia is far from ideal. If it is not Russia, it would be occupied by another country. For example, Germany. If Latvia would be so long as the German grip of the Latvian nation as a non-existent. People Become increased and stop holding to what happened in the past. Leave the past in the past. What happened happened. Look at the present situation. Russia was not to us at the state of bankruptcy. Did it themselves Latvians. Those who were in power. Would you like to say that our life is better now? Latvia was given the freedom and see what happened. Latvian is a high unemployment rate, the school closed shut. Latvians are counting every centime that at least somehow survive. But there is also a family with no money at all, and they hav no chois hov to live vith others cherity. Rather than blame Russia at all think that Latvia has led to such a decline.
    As to the nature: Latvian is the place where nature is beautiful. There are places that people have not yet managed to muck, or have already managed to clean up nature. Ventspils is the cleanest city. CITY underlined word. But has anyone been to grasslands and forests? If you want to you can find a spot just as Fabulous as depicted in pictures. Only they must be willing to find it.

  16. Thank you for wonderful pictures! i miss Latvia a lot, I was living there for 14 years, sweet place. I hope to visit Riga some days, to meet my friends. Now I am living in USA and i am Russian. I would never ever leave latvia if that’s revolution happened in 1991. It is NOT about freedom when you see how are russians pushin down by Goverment…Russian have not easy life there, and i left…

  17. Im latvian I speak russian and have nothing against russians in fact I like them, I think they are wonderful people, but their political system and their leaders in all times have been backwards chauvinistic imperialists and some people unfortunately have internalized these sentiments which are being fed to them by monopolistic state media propoganda. In fact their government has always oppressed their own people starting with tsars, soviet nomenclature and Putin nowadays. Latvians might also be to blame, because at the beginning of USSR, latvians were in many leadership positions in red army, KGB, politburo,gulag administration etc. There is no reason for Russia not to be one of the most developed nations on earth – people sure are one of the smartest, most ingenious. their government is poisoning russians yet again. If everything is scarce than vodka supplies have always been abundant, think thats a coincidence. think again.

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