DIY Local Globes

Russian DIY globes

In Russia and other post Soviet countries there were a real craze on independence after they finally got it with USSR collapse. Sometimes this took some weird forms like, for example, making the globes of their own country. Yes, those were just like regular globes we used to see on geography classes but instead the whole world only their own country was mapped on it.

These things were officially on sale and still you can buy something like “the globe of Ukraine” in shops of Kiev.

So then people went further and decided to make the globes of their local cities or even villages. With modern technologies this can be done by practically anyone just in a few minutes and then can be used to amaze the friends and relative. We’ll show you how. As a result we can get such neat globe of your place like on the picture above.

Russian DIY globes 2

You would need some ready made globe that can be acquired from a shop.

Russian DIY globes 3

Then there is a need of a map of your desired planet. It can be just a map or satelltie map or hybrid map, anything would look cool. It should be in 2:1 proportions.

Russian DIY globes 4

Then you need a photoshop software and a plugin called Flexify 2. It’s free for 30 days.

With its help you can create such image and then print it.

Russian DIY globes 5

Then with a help of a glue just attach it to the globe. That’s it now you’ve got your own very personal planet.

Below are some more examples of a globe of Ukraine that can be bought in shops and globe of Estonia that was made by someone else using this technique.

Russian DIY globes 6


19 thoughts on “DIY Local Globes”

  1. lol …. that would be great if I were able to print my country in 2:1… only bad thing is that i live in Chile ¬¬

    Greetings and keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen one of these before… Looks interesting!! I remember right after the Soviet Union collapsed and they were selling maps/atlases/globes off pretty cheap as they were out of date. I was pretty young at the time but I do remember my Dad coming home looking all pleased with himself after managing to secure a bargain – not realising it had USSR on the map rather than Russia! Muppet

  3. Atlast I can put all my Fantasy Worlds and Stars on different sized spheres and create my very own Fantasy Universe where I will forever reign as The Great Goddess!

  4. Not quite.

    It comes from a joke, where a man comes into a department store and asks for a globe of Ukraine and a ruler for 3rd grade.

  5. Ukrainians, Georgians, etc.. all want independance no matter what the cost. Why? Because Russia shoved unnatural, immoral, totalitarianism down their throats? One thing British learned: if people want to separate let them go the cost to keep them is too high.

  6. Actually the globe of Estonia was quite a joke in Estonia about 10 years ago. Apparently, Estonia looks a little like the map of the world, with its islands making up the Americas etc. Just take a look 😉

  7. Artist, Hilary A. Scott, ( has been making globes like this one (representing a single place encompassing a globe)for the past 3 years. Though not exactly geographically accurate, the artist globes are hand painted and meant to communicate a concept of geo-centric thought that people, and communities, tend to get stuck in. It is interesting for one place, or country, to be so independent that it feels like the whole world. For example, someone who has never left their home town..


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