Russia’s Seven Wonders


There are seven wonders of the world, but most of them were already destroyed either by the hands of humans or by the cruel passing of time. And last year a group of some Russian TV-channels, newspapers and radio stations hold an official opinion poll and discovered what kinds of real wonders Russia has. Anyone could participate in the poll taking votes via internet or SMS services. So, the seven best-looking and really fascinating places were chosen. Here they are:

The Baikal Lake

This lake is situated in Eastern Siberia and considered to be the deepest lake in the world as well as the biggest freshwater tank on the Earth. It is 1500 meters deep (~5000 feet). Look how clean the water is. The view is really enthralling.






Valley of the Geysers

The landmark is located on the Kamchatka peninsula and comprises of hundreds living geysers. The place is in the list of UNESCO World’s Heritage.





Mother Motherland monument

This memorial of huge sizes was built in the end of 50’s to pay the tribute to the memory of those people who were killed on their duties during the WWII. The monument is in Guinness Book of World Records as the highest monument at that time. The woman symbolizes Russia and is two times higher than Statue of Liberty with 85 meters high (~280 feet.)




The place was built to the order of Peter the First in the beginning of 17-th century and is situated nearby Saint-Petersburg. It is considered to be the top tourist attraction in the whole Russia.




Saint Basil’s Cathedral

No comments, folks. That’s just a classic of the genre.





Poles of the Komi Republic

No one knows how long ago they were created, but for sure scientists know that only nature could create such a thing. Estimated age is 200 million years and their height is 42 meters at most (~140 feet.)






The mountain is the highest point in Russia and some people believe that it is also the highest point in Europe. Lots of tourists, ski and snowboaring lovers visit this place yearly. Its height is 5600 meters which is 18600 feet.




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  1. What is that in the distance on the side of the mountain of picture no.3? I’m sitting on a dock in a bay with my CrackBerry so I can’t see it all that well.

  2. St Basils is certainly one of the worlds great wonders. Pictures do not do it justice. To walk around it is a very gran experience.

  3. The Stone Pillars of Komi are fantastic, but I can not find any other information about them. Can anyone provide more information on them?

  4. I am a bit confused. Isn’t that palace named “Davidhoff,” and not “Peterhof?” I know for a fact that David Hasselhoff is a revered former ruler of Russia, but I can’t find any Google or Wikipedia information to support this…? Any help out there?

  5. I don’t think Baikal is quite as clean as you think– thanks to the factories in Irkutsk.

    I am an American, and I think The Motherland monument is better looking than the Statue of Liberty (although to call it twice as tall is misleading– most of that height is from the sword.)

  6. Amazing stuff!! Love St Bazil’s and those Poles are incredible! That Mother Motherland monument is cool but pretty scary – is it the sheer scale, the pose or the facial expressions, or maybe just the concrete looking building materials? Either way, awe-inspiring and bloody frightening!

  7. i think there are more westerners than russians on this site, because we enjoy laughing at how backwards some of the things are over there:D

  8. Seven wonders of Russia. Why they called Baikal as russian wonder? It’s not in Russia, it’s in Siberia. Why they called Komi poles as russian wonder? It’s not in Russia, it’s in Komiland. Why they called Valley of Gayser as russian wonder? It’s not in Russia, it’s far-far away from Russia, it’s in Kamchatka. Why they called Elbrus as russian wonder? It’s not in Russia, it’s in Caucasus. They all in lands occupied by russian troops. Does Russia havn’t his own wonders to be proud?

    • nice logic there, really nice, bravo!
      ..then why call any given thing on U.S. soil American? it was all acquired by occupation.. err wait, i meant to say GENOCIDE of the native americans

    • you are just saying it because you have nothing better to do. you know you are wrong, so is everyone else here. on the other hand, if you keep saying red is blue over and over again people will believe you, right? I see where you going with is…

  9. I live in Volgograd! Mother Motherland is the best!!! There are many other monuments on Mamaev Kurgan (it is where Mother Motherland situated). Anybody wants little copy of it? I can buy it=) Write on

  10. Hi there

    Very nice pictures and sight seeings.I am sure that there is a huge history for each one It is my hopefulness that I could
    see all of them but in the other hand I prefer a country and a culture which has loyalty what the Russian have not at all.

  11. CORRECTION: The Mother Motherland monument is incorrectly named. It is known as the Mother Russia Statue (or “Motherland is Calling” in Volgograd, Russia. ALSO, it stands 270 feet (82.3 meters) vs. the Statue Of Liberty which stands at 151 feet (46 meters) “without it’s base” (305 feet (93 meters) “including base”. Currently the tallest is the Yan Huang Statues at 348 feet (106 meters).

  12. CORRECTION: The Mother Motherland monument is incorrectly named. It is known as the Mother Russia Statue (or “Motherland is Calling” in Volgograd, Russia. ALSO, it stands 270 feet (82.3 meters) vs. the Statue Of Liberty which stands at 151 feet (46 meters) “without it’s base” (305 feet (93 meters) “including base”). Currently the tallest is the Yan Huang Statues at 348 feet (106 meters).

  13. I’m totally surprised and glad to find this tremendous set here ))) Actually, this is the site where it all started, I mean, the contest and the vote for top-7 wonders of Russia. It turned out, there are much more than 7 wonderful places ))) The site is only in Russian… but still )) There are lots of photos there. Last summer I travelled to the Republic of Komi to this place with my own eyes… tThe place is really fantastic! For sure, these memories have brcome one of the best memories in my life )))

  14. These photos are beautiful. They show me places I didn’t know existed. The lake is just breathtaking. The poles are amazing. If only I could see every beautiful place in the world. It’s too bad than I can’t, but I am lucky enough that some kind soul takes the time to post pictures of some of the places here. And the thanks he/she gets is a handful of people acting like children.

    My country is better than your country. My country can beat up your country. My country was here first! My country has bluer sky than your country. MY country has more clouds than YOUR country. My goodness, did someone not get their happy nappy today? Or did they just not learn their manners?

    When someone posts beautiful photos you say, “Wow, what beautiful photos, THANK YOU for posting them.” Or something like that.

    Carry on.

  15. Thank you for posting these beautiful images of both natural and human-constructed wonders. An American can marvel sincerely at the people and the land of Russia. Glorious!

  16. What’s the status of the Mother Russia statue? I understand that it’s sinking and tilting badly and that no funds are available to fix it…?

  17. I do not care much for 7 wonders, I feel sorry for the millions of people in Russia who live in dire poverty while a few Olegargs are stripping the land of it’s wealth, more multimillionaires in Moscow than anywhere else in the world yet 90% of the population averages a salary of 100 dollars a week and is so scared of loosing their job , they work overtime for free and sometimes do even get paid for months. If they dare to speak up they are simply fired. From the Police to the top political echelons, nothing happens if they do not get a backhander , sometimes of millions and it is always in American Dollars, I should know I live here.


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