61 8 Flies in the Balinese Ointment: A Russian’s Point of View

8 Flies in the Balinese Ointment: A Russian’s Point of View

8 myths about Bali with effect of disclosure from Russians. Myth #1: Bali is a paradise Snorks! No, surely, each of us has his own paradise but there should be some average idea. Something like a beautiful small beach with no many people around, dense jungle behind, marvelous corals and a small village not
far away. And it’s the picture that most expect to see in Bali. Snorks two times. Bali is a huge island resembling an anthill full of unattractive and obtrusive natives, ugliest Australians reeking of fish and carnation. Everything outside is muddy, stinking and usually homely.

105 A Magnificent Flight

A Magnificent Flight

I know which thing comes up to your mind when you hear word “flight”. I know, I know, that is just terrible. And especially if it is a long flight, for an instance when you need to fly between different continents which usually takes not less than 10 hours. But recently, French company AIRBUS released last model of its huge
offspring, Airbus A-380. This plane changed comfort level of flights and brought it up to standard. Now, when you are on such a plane, feeling of coziness doesn’t want to leave you and your legs don’t want to make a slightest move to raise you when it is already time to get out into a dull building of an airport.

18 Northern Urals Waterfalls

Northern Urals Waterfalls

Many of us often forget about marvelous places nearby and prefer going to the world's end to enjoy
beautiful nature. Let's virtually visit such an unimpaired place in the Northern Ural Mountains.

48 Around the World

Around the World

The name of this man is Alexander Glazkov and he fancies traveling so much. For the past decades he visited lots of countries all round the world. This summer, while sitting in the Russian bath-house a crazy idea came
to his mind. He has everything – money, lots of time and most importantly he has desire. And he thought why not to travel from Novosibirsk to Cape Town, RSA, by his van car? Yeah, surely. Why not?
Russian Sakhalin: a lot of starfish

23 Sea Full of Starfish

Sea Full of Starfish

Those are shots from the Pacific Coast of Russia. Thousands of starfish were washed out lately. Some scientists say that it's not ordinary at all.
Meantime locals enjoy free seafood picking it up with bare hands and leaving the coast with large bags full of exotic fish.
Russian drifting polar stations
11 Drifting Stations: North Pole 3

Drifting Stations: North Pole 3

The Soviet Union made a great contribution to exploring different regions, some of them were absolutely deserted, others were very dangerous or their maintenance in a normal state was a crucial thing and some of them were totally out-of-reach. And North Pole is not an exception. For the first time ever, the idea of floating on the huge ice-box, which
spit off from the main arctic ice body, and exploring different nature phenomena along with making calculations of what had to be the default nature conditions was put forward by Norwegian arctic research worker Fridtjof Nansen (the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922) and then taken up by many Russian scientists.
11 Russian Carousel

Russian Carousel

We all know what is Russian roulete is. But what's Russian carousel? It's another shocking
entertainment from the nation which went up with Russian Roulette. Meet new Russian fun - carousel.

10 Open-up in the ground

Open-up in the ground

The place of this accident is unknown as well as its causes. The only thing is known is that the ground somewhere in Russia had opened up.
Somehow it reminds me of Maya’s prophecy… 2012? Who knows… Well, at least there are no casualties apart from a pair of cars.

25 Got drunk? Do not drive!

Got drunk? Do not drive!

Ten days ago there was a monument fixed up in Moscow. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like a piece of a monument at all, but it is still a memorial. It is destined to remind the drivers that driving while drunk is dangerous for you. The bottle of a monument is 12
meters high (45 feet~) and there are lots of crushed vehicles inside it. The sculpture is fixed in the run-up to Worldwide Day of Remembrance of Victims of Car Accidents. The sign on it states: “Got drunk? Do not drive! You will have an accident.”

8 An easy Way to Make a Flower

An easy Way to Make a Flower

Today in this article we will tell you how you can easily make a flower from materials at hand. To be more exact, from a usual
napkin. Making this rose you can effortless daze your friends or give an exquisite present to your girlfriend. So, step by step:

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