A Line a-la in Post Soviet Reconstruction Times


This big line is not for kielbasa but for tax inspectorate № 46 in Moscow. The term of enterprise rewrite is finishing at the end of 2009 and people started to worry about that at the last minute.

Hell № 46.

For the many millions of people in Moscow somebody really mean decided to direct all these people to one place- in this city the registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and farms is made only in Inter-district inspection of Federal tax service № 46.



Of course it’s obvious why the waiting became hell with the kilometer long line that Moscow didn’t see for a long time.

By the way the tax service by itself and its workers perform the job excellent- fast, clear, right and polite.

There are no comments about that, pictures show everything. 8 hours in line. People say things far from being nice and that’s understandable, because the most active part of the population who wants work legally, to create jobs for others and to pay government taxes, is in horrible condition.



Here are some recommendations for company owners (if you for happen to be one of them) who haven’t had a chance to deal with this lovely place, № 46, yet:

• You need to consider that now № 46 is opened from7 am to 9 pm, but the majority of workers accept papers from 9am to 6pm.

• It is best to get in line before 7-7.30 am, if you come later you can get an appointment at 9pm and there is a big chance you won’t be able to make it this day and then will have to come back the next day and start everything from the beginning. It happens because the coupon doesn’t guarantee that you get to the window where they accept your papers.

• Remember the line doesn’t disappear steadily but it moves in “spurts”, be attentive and don’t miss your number, because if you do be ready to come back for a new coupon.

• There is not any service, no toilets on the area, while you are in the kilometer long line, so it’s better to not to come with a full stomach, you have to bear a couple of hours until you are in “civilization”.

• There is no a parking lot here, come with another driver or by a cab.

• Make sure you have your IDs ready, you will be able to get a coupon only after the tax inspector checks them.

• Papers can be received also by your agent.

• Prepare all the papers in advance, make sure you have everything and it’s easy to get them from the folder.

• Entrance and building are protected by OMON (Russian SWAT), it’s useless to argue and prove that YOU are the center of the Galaxy.

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  1. Not mentioned is that one cannot make photocopies or anytjing else for that matter. In case you forgot something, start all over again next day. First people are there at 5 AM.

    Also there is NO number-machine, just remember who was before you. Russian burocracy is hell. Invented to keep people aware of the fact they are small, replaceable and unimportant. Serfs.


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