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    • 1st picture (with newspaper): “January 11th 1986. Sport. Where the mastery is being created?”
      Photo with inscription (after a photo with classroom) “Hello, former 2nd comprehensive school students! I had been taught in 4th form by the accident. Regards, Luchinskiy N. M. Call me, I will be glad to hear you”
      An opened book: “…on the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic”
      A door: “It’s our house and we thould take care of it” and lower: “Private entrance”

    • Hey Heywood, I am one of these dirty slavs, and certainly can translate some emotional and humanly handwritings which could be seen on the pictures, but afraid this translation – even in plain English words – might happen to be incomprehensible for so brightly educated baboon like you

  1. ugh. just trolls and first-ers? boo.

    chris – pretty sure it’s graffiti.

    the ruins look awesome, i want to explore them! its like a more Slavic and radio active-y version of Hashima Island in Japan – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashima_Island

  2. What’s so special with these pics??
    Even without atomic radiation, would look the same!!
    Russians lazy and do not care to maintain and keep clean their towns. So many of them just garbage dumps with weathered olde Soviet apartment blocks.

  3. I am not dirty Slav, I am son of dirty ex KGB agent turned Prime Minister… but I can translate pic# http://media.englishrussia.com/pripyat_bw/1_010.jpg for you:

    It says “Children, study your books, exercise your body, eat good food, then die a slow painful death from nuclear reactor meltdown while the State covers up the facts.”

    I wish my daddy was there when it happened, instead of practicing his judo moves on 5 year olds. Maybe then I would have had a normal life. 🙁 Vladi Jr. 🙁

      • Finnish Alcoholics Oneline is also listed as a Moderator.

        You can try to email the owner –

        englishrussia at gmail dot com


        contact at reitsma dot ru

        His website is posted as – reitsma dot ru

        His name is Pieter Sake Dirk Reitsma
        For those who would like to google his name.

    • Miss India…You are not from India….You r from Pakistan or United States bcoz Indian and Russians are time tested best friends.

  4. Pripyat is better photographed in color. The mix of beautiful, aged colors mixed with the depressing gray looks much cooler..


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