71 thoughts on “Dude Where is my Harlem?”

    • OMG look at them! they look so ugly and unhealty in their nasty clothes made of turkmen cotton and made in China. Poor russian people.

  1. What a tragedy, what a tragedy….petty, filthy, American village ignorance exporting worldwide…even to Russia! The nation of Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, and Tchaikovsky…WHAT A TRAGEDY.

    When will the Russian people realize what they lost?

  2. Looks more like Brighton Beach than Harlem. FWIW, Balalaikas are indeed out of place with the Harlem Thugs, but AK-47’s are a hot commodity with them.

  3. You’ve really showed you’re ignorance by trying to equate their dress with “Harlem thugs” who live in Harlem. You can go to any part of America, and find white people who dress like these kids do.

  4. This is what you get when youth has no structured outlet like Scouting or even, perhaps the Young Pioneers.

    From Wiki:
    The Young Pioneers who excelled in academic study, work, sports or social activity were elected to the self-governing institutions, were sent as delegates to the Young Pioneers gatherings (including All-Union ones). The most notable were recognized in the organization’s Book of Honor. During World War II, many Young Pioneers fought against Nazis in partisan detachments, which existed near their homes on the territories occupied by Nazi Germany. Nearly 30,000 of them were awarded various orders and medals; 4 Young Pioneers became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

  5. I was born in the moscow ghetto fists like metal live a hard life shave with a knife tuffer than Schwarzenegger in Terminator!!

  6. These Russian Children are having a serious identity crisis!

    It’s the adults who expect these children to act like adults and the parents who allow this behavior to continue uncheck who are the one’s who fail!

    I couldn’t agree with Perristalsis more! The adults in these childrens lives need to pay attention and get them involved in positive activites!

    • Hey Mr.,This site changed its look last year so it does not explain everything on the surface.Click on the about button on top to see the info for this site. πŸ™‚

  7. WIGGAS!!!
    … or Churk wiggas – CHIGGAZ!!!

    It’s got to be to punish the kids to buy them the knockoffs in the bazaar, where they take american dollars and give you chinese knockoffs.

    You can look at these guys and QUICKLY understand why people aren’t having enough babies in Russia – too many gay boys.

    Kruschev would be proud!

  8. The Hip Hop ganster lifestyle should be stopped at all costs. It is contageous via peer pressure and either kills or causes brain death. Infected are usually condemned to a life of misery and poverty though they beleive that they are better than everyone else. Do all you can to stop this.

  9. That last pic is a classic. Middle guy looks like he might be related to the banjo playing kid from Deliverance with some Forrest Gump thrown in for good measure. Guy on the right has an amazing beak. Guy on the left actually looks somewhat normal in comparison which isn’t saying much. Yikes!

  10. Wow, certainly NOT anything to be proud of. You guys should be scared, very scared. For one, it’s a sign of your countries downfall, and so soon too.

    And what’s with all the “money” clothes?? Are they still proudly wearing those clothes even after the dollar’s down turn??

    I wish we could ship you ALL of OUR little thugs.

  11. omy golly gosh, if only india had such nice clothes, we are so destitute!
    miss india, go make me a papadum, or I’ll throw acid.

  12. looks just like a bunch of suburban wiggers playing games, trying playing that game in Detroit, and we’ll see who’s really hard

  13. Wait what? I’ve followed a link by some Fark dimwit that makes fun of some 10-16 year old kids? Things must be grim in the US if you need *that* for your ego.

  14. Any non-black that dresses like that in a black neighborhood in the US won’t just get beat, they’ll get gang raped and beat.

  15. I saw this linked on “Hot Chicks with Douchebags” – it is indeed sad to see that the Greico virus has permeated the globe…..

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