Seventies and Now (WTF!)

Russian teenagers

Here are a few shots of Russian youth from back in the Seventies. Mustaches and Beatle’s haircuts abound! For comparison, we also included some current day pictures of Russians (below).

Russian teenagers 2

Russian teenagers 3

Russian teenagers 4

Russian teenagers 5

Russian teenagers 6

Russian teenagers 7

Russian teenagers 8

Russian teenagers 9

Russian teenagers 10

Russian teenagers 11

Interesting note – this is a fake “Marshall” amp!  It was not possible to get foreign equipment in Soviet Russia behind the iron curtain, but you could replicate the logo and put it on your Russian amplifier to look cool.

Russian teenagers 12

Russian teenagers 13

And now, just for fun, here are some pictures of modern Russians poking out of garbage chutes with pizza and wine! Enjoy the WTF-ness.

Russian teenagers 14

Russian teenagers 15

Russian teenagers 16

Russian teenagers 17

Russian teenagers 18

Russian teenagers 19

Russian teenagers 20

Russian teenagers 21

Russian teenagers 22

23 thoughts on “Seventies and Now (WTF!)”

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  2. As far as the “Marshall” amp is concerned, Sovtek’s Marshall copies were good amps after replacing the switches and jacks.

    Also, FWIW, the Marshall amps were Fender copies, which were basically developed from freely available Western Electric schematics.

  3. The girls in #4 and center of #6 are really cute!

    I wish pictures of this type had been widely available in the USA at the time. I grew up then, and still remember hearing a lot of anti-Soviet propaganda in school, that made it seem like nobody was allowed to dress like that or wear their hair like that.

    The “guys emerging from the rubbish chutes” pictures are really weird, though. Does anyone know what that was about? Just some goofy college prank or popular photo gag (like “holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa”)?

    • It was a kind of joke or “flash-mob” initiated by a russian web-site. Who would like to participate should make such a photo and send it to website. I think this series of photos are also published in another article of Englishrussia but can’t remember where.


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