Russian Grain Harvesters

Russian harvestors

After this post about grain harvesting in Russia, many people supposed that it was some kind of “ideal” farm that differs greatly from other Russian agricultural companies because the images showed foreign harvesters, trucks and other machinery.

So to clear things up, here are some pictures of Russian produced grain harvesters.  The “DON-1500″, has been in production since 1986 and is still sold in Russia.  These particular ones are still being used.

These machines, bought new, run about $120,000.

Russian harvestors 1

Russian harvestors 2

Russian harvestors 3

Russian harvestors 4

Russian harvestors 5

Russian harvestors 6

Russian harvestors 7

Russian harvestors 8

Russian harvestors 9

Russian harvestors 10

Russian harvestors 11

photos by Ilya Varlamov

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      • you sadden yourself day after day, soon you’ll hit the verge of a nervous breakdown and this may lead to a suicide. Being Russian i’m not barbaric and don’t want people to die, but everything your name associates with is negative and I think alot of people would be relieved.

  1. I’ve seen picks of the “DON 1500s” before, they look a lot like old school John Deere 7700s. We sure send a lot of the old John Deere 9600 walkers to Russia from the American Midwest, does anyone have pictures of those machines working Russian fields?

  2. They may look bad, the difference is that when something breaks it will, with high propability start working again after being smashed with a hammer. Who cares how they look like as long as they work. This is not a fashion show ;]

  3. They was not so bad at all. I working with this kind of harvesters two seasons when I was young guy. They was simple and robust machines. If something was broken we fix that right on the field with welding machine and couple of wrenches. Of course they was not so comfortable and easy to drive then foreign machines.

  4. All I see on pictures is Soviet Union agricultural technics. Developed in Soviet Union. Where is Russian agricultural technics pictures? Developed in Russia, after Soviet Union crash… ou may god… there isn’t such kind of thing as something developed in Russia after Soviet Union crash. Thats why russians trying renamed everything, what was made in Soviet Union, as Russian. Shame…


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