Headlines. Real or Fake?


For those of you who like quizzes, we have put together a little current events guessing game about everyone’s favorite people – police.

According to media reports, there is no crime too silly or ridiculous for police involvement, so sit back and try to guess which of these news headlines are real and which ones we made up to confuse you and completely destroy the reputation of our fine police force.

Ready? Go! (Translations and answers after the jump.)

1. A policeman shot a stowaway.
2. Policemen opened fire on the animals in the zoo.
3. A policeman beat up a cosmonaut.
4. A chief of police cut his assistant’s hand off.
5. Drunken policemen burnt a man to death.
6. A policeman made a cursing man eat a condom and shoulder- straps then wash it down with urine.
7. A policeman crucified his coworker.
8. Policemen wanted to drown a man just because he was bald.
9. A policeman tried to blow his nine-storied apartment building up.
10. A policeman shot a janitor because he thought he was a snake.
11. A policeman bit a barman’s nose off.
12. A drunken policeman cut a young man’s head off for 60 rubles.
13. Policemen attacked a 12 years old schoolboy and beat him up.
14. A policeman threw a businessman out of the fourth floor window during questioning.
15. Capital policemen were accused of rape with a baton.
16. A policeman blew a railroad station up.
17. A drunken policeman throttled a handicapped man.
18. A policeman cut his genitals off and sewed his wound up.
19. Policemen tied burning oakum to pigeons’ legs and let them go to set houses on fire.
20. A drunken policeman bit a government motor inspection’s worker all over.

Answers: 1. Real. 2. Fake. 3. Real. 4. Real. 5. Real. 6. Real. 7. Fake. 8. Real. 9. Real. 10. Fake. 11. Real. 12. Real. 13. Real. 14. Real. 15. Real. 16. Real. 17. Real. 18. Real. 19. Fake. 20. Real.

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12 thoughts on “Headlines. Real or Fake?”

  1. Acts like me when i am drunk, i can´t se the problem.

    (but guess all that all was not in duty and many strange things must be made by people on drugs i guess, i hawe seen people on drugs often does very strange things. Penalism and grup pressure often make people do even more strange things they not even dreamed about normaly. i hawe seen tings similar to that (folks beating up people in strange ways osv) (but often sligtly less extreme (and not by a policeman… but i hawe somte times (but rarley) heard about civilian policemen even i other countries sometimes does strange things when he´s not in duty)))

    But i guess that sadly it´s still lot of corruption.
    Beside that i clearly think that russian police is way better than in many other non european/non american contries. I hawe reed about far worse from those countries.

    (Sorry for my english)

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