Nowhere But In Mosselprom. Old Posters

Russian commercials

Because the majority of advertising materials in the USSR were of a political propagandizing nature, the many examples of simple commercial advertising are often overlooked.

These ads for goods and services were pervasive, with many having been published during the New Economic Politics (NEP) period (1921-1928). Later on, various government enterprises produced their own advertisement campaigns. Word of mouth advertising campaigns were also spread less formally by private masters and “hack workers” while radio ads were fairly common.

While many of the ad slogans produced in this era were rather uniform, (All smoke the certain brand’s cigarettes, Ask for that everywhere, Eat, Drink, Keep, Fly…), there are some rather interesting if not entertaining quips such as, “Nowhere but in Mosselprom”, “You are not a USSR citizen if you aren’t a Dobrolet’s stockholder”, and the everlasting slogan of Mayakovsky: “Better pacifiers don’t exist that’s why I’ll suck them till I get old”.

Russian commercials 1

These ads present a wonderful collection of the type and style of art that was produced under the creative repression of the times.

Russian commercials 2

The collection consists of ads from both the USSR and tsarist Russia. The elegantly detailed pictures easily distinguish those from tsarist Russia. Generally speaking the posters in whole target the middle class, the main buying sector of the period.

Russian commercials 3

Russian commercials 4

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  1. Advertising says a lot about a country.
    This blog is to people interested in Russia, like catnip is to cats.

    (An advertising slogan for the blog.)

  2. how can this stuff be advertised to the middle class, i thought the whole point of creating a communist country was to get rid of the Bourgeois, the middle class, and have the working class,the proletariat, rule? you mean to tell me that isn’t so, i don’t believe it.

    i do like these ads though, the Aeroflot one is interesting, so is the toothpaste one. but what is real interesting is all the cigar and cigarette ads. i do miss seeing them here.

  3. For me the fascinating one is about Armand Hammer and his pencil factory (circa 1920s). Most of his (American)family settled in Rossiya, his father as a Comintern administrator. Armand as a specially exempt ‘capitalist’ and advisor to the regime. His large ‘house’ along the Mocba river is often pointed out to tourists. Seldom mentioned is his family’s work in Soviet espionage for the ‘Organs’ (whole family communist, father a founding member of the 1st International). They mainly did Int’l money laundering for the Soviets.

  4. this just proves that there was once upon a time when graphic design really looked good and made a difference with what you experienced in advertising thanks for sharing the link!…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for
    a graphic design studio


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