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  1. “Do not feed the animals” is a term that originated in zoos but has expanded into popular usage both as a warning and as a humorous display.

    Signs are used to discourage visitors from giving any food to the animals. In a zoo this is due to the strict dietary controls in place. The sign is also common when asking people not to feed animals in a public place – some animals are considered to be a pest and would leave the area if the food was not available. One reason for this is that the animals can start aggressively seeking out food from people, sometimes leading to injury. In some cases there are laws to enforce such rules.

    Fine anybody “feeding” these freeloaders, and like all wildlife, they’ll move on.

  2. People asking for money in San Francisco CA.can earn around 100,000 a year.That is better than Russia.

    100 pennies=$1.00,100 kopecs=1 ruble,31 rubles=1 US dollar!

          • San Francisco is a big city with millions of tourists visiting every year.That is why the beggars can make so much money there.The people above are greedy and are probably doing it part time as a second job.The problem with beggars in russia is if most people gave them 1 kopec coins and not 5 or 10 ruble coins.I can not picture anyone begging for money on the streets of Arizona,it is too hot in that state 😉

  3. the one in the wheelchair isn’t from russia, he’s from zagreb, croatia. you can clearly see the licence plates on cars and gas prices.

  4. I don`t know where author of this site took that pictures, but it`s certainly not Russia or ex Russian federation (for pictutres where`s gipsy in wheelchair).

    As far I see and remember from holidays ZG registration plates belong to Croatia, city of Zagreb.

    Being doubt about authenticity of this site and stories on it.

    Looks funny, but as far I read it, every few some “wrong info/pic appears”.

    Uninformed or trying to intentionally infuse wrong info time-to-time, to fill up site content?


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