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Russian victory monument

As time passes by new technologies emerge, that’s a natural outcome of humanity progress. In Ukraine they have new technologies at their service. Sometimes it’s turns to be a bit too much as some say.

Here we have the monument to the Motherland erected in Cherkassy city shortly after the World War 2 ended to commemorate the memories of the dead in action heroes.

Russian victory monument 10

During Soviet times it was a popular place according to this black and white shot. People visited it

on special occasions and just for fun – there were not much places to visit back then.

Russian victory monument 4

And always the gas torch was blowing on its palm symbolizing eternal memory. Elder people were admiring

them, progressive youth called the monument “The Girl with Sambuca”. Such kind of

fires can be met worldwide and in Russia they are called “Eternal Flames”.

Russian victory monument 5

But nothing is eternal on this Earth as we know. When the Soviet Union felt down and states that

were its parts became independent the whole infrastructure supporting different regions became interrupted.

In this particular case that meant “You would have no more free natural gas, Ukraine!”. So this fossil fuels the

flames ran on became to luxury to be burnt without any real purpose (the memories don’t cost much in wild capitalistic

realities!). So the it was shut down.

For years it was standing without burning torch and no renovations were running, looked pretty abandoned.

But then… new technologies came into a play!

Russian victory monument 6

They combined a nice pixel flames and a cell phone transmitters inside – that’s way cool place for

them – high above the city scape.

Russian victory monument 7

So now, nobody could suspect Motherland statue to carry burning drink. Everyone can clearly see that

it’s a flame, an eternal one. “It consumes not more than 400w”, says one of the officials. Yes, really

very important thing in our “carbon footprints” mania times.

Russian victory monument 9

Thousands buried soldier would never care probably. They served their duty already.

Russian victory monument 8

And veterans are glad that something is burning again. Well when one has not to sharp eyesight

it’s not looking so much different.

27 thoughts on “New Technologies”

  1. The USSR monument is pathetic and ridiculous. Socialist Realism at its worst.
    The Ukrainians who died while serving in Stalin´s Red Army (and used as “kanonenfutter” because of their so-called “political unreliability”) deserve better than being used as Putler´s means of psychological warfare against Ukraine.

  2. I am from this city called Cherkassy. I was so shocked to one day see that horror up there! “Hill of Eternal Glory” as we call it here needs to be renamed to “Hill of Eternal Shame to those who came up with this ludicrous idea”. Also the mayer Segiy Odarich “allocated” $12500 towards this project but obviously the cellphone companies payed for it so he just stole the money.

  3. Nice level of information here. There is so much data around about this subject that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees but you have pitched this at just the right level so that the lay person can understand – thank you!


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