Stripper and Haul Trucks

What connects those two videos is that they both about fails. First one is Russian’s stripper’s fail while performing on Russian pole dancers contest (yes there are such contests in Russia now!).

Second is about the giant haul truck drivers, same haul trucks they use in the Yakutia diamond mines we had yesterday.

15 thoughts on “Stripper and Haul Trucks”

  1. OMG I hope they were using a telecommand but i am afraid that there was a driver into the cab. If it was, he certainly did not survive: how can You post this horrible movie of a poor truck driver being killed?

  2. News say that the 42 year old driver died. The giant truck fell down from the height of 70m. The accident happened in Murmansk Region in the North of Russia, close to Finland.

  3. Why was he driving the truck up such a steep slope? Were they just messing around? I can’t see the company telling him to risk such an expensive vehicle on a task that was near certain to fail.


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