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Russian marketing

From time to time we have some examples of what amateurish ex-Soviet marketing genius may produce.

First one is pretty cool, it was published in Minsk and the media for it was an egg, or thousands of eggs that were sold in local stores. Text on eggs were inviting people to visit “The Prodigy” concert. Pretty cool, isn’t it.

Russian marketing 2

Next series was published in Kharkov, it was about their football team but those railings spoiled it all! Now it more looks like a comedy than a serious team portfolio.

Russian marketing 3

Russian marketing 4

Russian marketing 5

And the next one again is from Belarus, showing how a serious canned goods factory can try saving on marketing inviting their top management relatives with photoshop and family shots can spoil all their ads.

Russian marketing 6

Russian marketing 7

Russian marketing 8

Russian marketing 9

Russian marketing 10

Russian marketing 11

Russian marketing 12

12 thoughts on “Ad Review”

  1. On Giant spoon in Photo #5 you may witness image of photographer in his photo studio. He is not in a field of giant green peas.

    I must point out that in Belarus, little men made of vegitable jars really do roam the street.

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