Lexus vs Lexus

Lexus crash in Russia

Lexus could pay those guys some benefits for this real life crash test of this Darwinism award winning frontal crash event when two lexus drivers were stubborn enough not to give the lane to each other.

As a result both Lexus suvs are non-usable but the drivers and the passengers just got scared and got no physical damage for their health. Could be a perfect ad for Lexus brand safety issues.

Lexus crash in Russia 2

Lexus crash in Russia 3

Lexus crash in Russia 4

Lexus crash in Russia 5

Lexus crash in Russia 6

19 thoughts on “Lexus vs Lexus”

  1. In europe it’s a toyota landcruiser

    But if you want extra luxury and extra’s you can order a lexus!!!!

    So yes these are lexusses!!!!! NOT TOYOTA’S

  2. Both of you are very uninformed. These are both the Lexus variants of the Land Cruiser 200[LX570(08-)] and the Prado [GX470(03-07)]. They are not Toyota brand models.


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