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  1. Truly excellent collection of phots. I like the guys with their rezzys on playing the accordion, and the dude in camo with his machine gun. 🙂

  2. Many thanks to the soldiers of the Soviet Union for their extremely hard fought victory in the Great Patriotic War.
    Cpasibo from an Amerikanits

  3. http://media.englishrussia.com/war_chronical/1_033.jpg
    is actualy from Italy. (18 JUNE 1944: A German Tiger tank on its side in a ditch, north of Rome, and an American lorry in the background driving past.)

    • It`s begin of WWII. Red Army had no modern weapons at that time. In warehouses was many ancient but still working Maxims.

      • I’m missing the pictures of WWII when soviet and nazi officers are shaking hands after 1939 Sep 17 Poland invasion. Are all of such pictures made unavailable in RU already or they just do not fit into current political setup? 🙂
        Greetz to all normal RU citizens.

        • Nobody in Russian give a f@ck about some photo and Poland invasion! Nobody cares about such country like Poland. Poland=garbage!

  4. when stalin and hitler invaded a free nation (poland) us in the west should have declared war on you commies and your brother hitler

  5. The Winter War 1939-1940.War between Finland and Soviet Union lasted three and a half months, which reunited the nation which was splitted by Civil War to fight for its freedom and independence. Some pictures: http://www.sodatkuvina.cjb.net/images/Talvisota/Rintama/Talvisota_Rintama_cat001.html

  6. Guess that pic. 34 is some early equipment for positioneering of enemy ariplanes (guess one get a virtual centerpoint on the plane by listening efter the engine sound before the modern radar existed)

  7. i ve got a pretty good collection of russian marine troops and navy during ww2 especially Crimean/Black Sea battlefield. will post it this week.

  8. Sad thing is that probably all of those people have been killed – and we did not even know their names nor want to know it. This is all over the same: during war people kill each other for glory, for peace (!!??) and to be remembered for ever. Who of you know one name of the soldier killed in WW2? I do not know any… There were a lot of stories what soviet army did wrong during WW2 with the German people – but first – it was revenge, second – some stories may be exagerrated. My grand mother (now 86) lives near Cracov – starting from ca. 1945 (January) -in her home, a military field hospital was established. I never heared her saying something wrong about soviet soldiers except they suffer a lot… (at the time she was 20 years old)
    Regards from Poland!

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