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  1. ah Here we go again! The never ending battle of words between Lituanians,Estonians,Latvians and Russians. Of course it is only words, if true war Lituanians, Estonians and Latvians Cowards go cry to America and Nato like little babies.

  2. Hi, I’m from Lithuania. It is nice, that you posted those images.. Its very interesting to watch. I’m too young, i cannot remember those times. Nowadays, Lithuania is completely different ;]

    • I think Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union.It has been many years since I saw the Sovien Union on a map.Are there any traces of the former USSR anywhere in your country like statues or hammer and sickles?

      • Soviet symbols are banned, but there is soviet remembering park called “GrΕ«to parkas” where all statues and everything is taken from all towns of Lithuania that reminds soviets.

        • Thanks for the info Heroix:)I wonder if a person could get in trouble for wearing a shirt with a hammer and sickle on it in Lithuania.Soviet symbols have become a cool fashion trend for some occasions.

  3. I’m lithuanian’ too. Cool photos, realy… And the most interesting thing that I still can recognize some places in these photos! Nice!

      • Nope, all Soviet Union did was pollute the enviroment, destroy the demographics, etc. The Union just basically raped our nations and lands. And the sucessor of the USSR, Russia, doesn’t even want to take responsibility for it…

        Nothing good at all. (All from personal experience, I’m Estonian by the way)

  4. My physician in Arizona Is a Lithuanian Jewish gentleman he’s an outstanding doctor and human being. And he has always treated me like a daughter.

    Interesting photographs, Thank You for sharing them.

  5. The USSR kept the Lithuanians from discriminating against its minority Polish population, as it does today. If it wasn’t for the USSR, there would be no Polish schools left today in the Wilenszczyzna region.

  6. I think russians suffered most from the soviet system, yet there are SOME russians who fail to understand that. Maybe its because most of the intellectuals and free-thinkers were killed or sent to gulags by Lenin and Stalin and this has had an enormous impact on demographics and thus has influenced what people think nowadays. Proletariat was used as a tool by soviet system, right now the proletariat doesnt know what to think of the current situation because it has never had any ideas of its own -it wasnt supposed to think at all, just to obey what the party said but now the situations is changed – people should start thinking about their situations and accept their past and start making plans for the future.

  7. Does anyone couls ban those stupied issues?
    By the way, nice photos.
    Thank’s for author!
    And best wishes from Lithunia

  8. Saying exactly, Lithuania wasn’t part of the Soviet Russia, as one can read above. Lithuania was annexed to the USSR in 1944 and was one of the Soviet republics (Lithuanian SSR), or a part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Russia was the other soviet republic, the biggest one in the USSR.

    Perhaps this structure seems sophisticated, but it was very real in everydays life. And even now it remains very real in a certain aspect: there are 15 nations instead of the Soviet Union now, and the present Russia has exactly the same boarders as former Soviet Russia (not USSR). The same is with Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and the majority of then republics.

  9. “Yes, soviet build their flats, roads, hospitals, schools”

    Its you learning in russia such things lol?

    Did you saw how Lithuania lookd before occupation and after? Ocupation literaly smashed whole lithuania, only left desert. Half lithuanians was killed, all goods, all tresures was stoled and tooked to russia. After “Melioration” almost all manors was bured or bombed. Lithuania was realy rich country, and if not occupation, they now should be ass strong and rich like switzerland or even richer. In thoose times in example Lithuania’s city Kaunas was called “litle paris” why you think it was named like this, becouse of fun? And more, abouth schools, open history book, and look in olders universities in europe.

    Even naciz dont wanted to touch them, just march through to russia.

  10. Bottom line is: Russia keep your hands off these countries, they are not yours, they don’t want anything to do with Russia, bye bye forever.

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